Draw Close Jeh, Since the elder is out I have to conduct tonight, any sugg?

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  • Bubbamar
    it is clear this Man is just trying to confuse People.Why bother?

    I don't think THAT's what's clear at all. Why bother??? Because that's my mother being held hostage by a bunch of lies, that's why!!! I wish someone in her congregation would drop her an easy to hear little gem of truth. Then maybe I could visit my mother again in this lifetime.

    Why would you want people to continue to live a lie? Just because they enjoy it?! How absurd is that? Has anyone in YOUR family died from refusing a blood transfusion? Ever been molested by a "brother"? Have some compassion. We're jumping down your throat because we have strong feelings about it. Our feelings became strong because of various things we have experienced.

    I'm glad someone who's in a position to actually HELP is trying to find an acceptable way to do so. My hats off to you!

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Why would you want people to continue to live a lie?

    But thats my point,thats what this Guy is doing too,For the record maybe ive been lucky,ive never known anyone who has died through not having a Blood transfusion and i have never heard of any Sexual Abuse at all in the religion,at least not round my area.That is NOT to say it doesnt happen tho!I think we are all reacting to differant experiences on this board thru our OWN experiences.

    I suppose ive been lucky,i just faded ,Parents same as ever...to a degree any way...clearly that is NOT everyones experience!Also,i agree ,the shunning policy is Evil and yes,i have seen Families split up over it.

    Peace to all.Sorry for any offense.

  • undercover

    I see where ya comin from flea and to some degree, depending on how the situation is handled, I can agree that it is a little subversive. But, the WTS has no problem using subversiveness or even outright lying, calling it "theocratic strategy".

    Our dear Brother Cheech is attempting to pull out the deeper things of the Bible. This means asking questions and getting people to think. If he asks a question that prompts one to do research what's wrong with that? He isn't telling them what to think or believe, he's just encouraging studying to gain deeper knowledge. Nothing wrong there.

    The WTS claims that these meetings are deep intellectual studies of the Bible when really all it is is a repeat after me mantra. When a brother does what cheech is hoping to do, most of the brain dead dubs are going to go home and say, "Wow, that Brother Cheech really knows his stuff. He was over my head with his questions." Then they'll turn on some stupid reality TV show and forget all about it. So the more I think about it, the more I figure that not much will happen anyway.

  • ezekiel3

    Fleaman: There are so many of "us" inside the organization, and some of "us" are not directly apostate but questioners and thinkers. Most of "us" are content to remain JWs because of various circumstances. That doesn't mean its wrong to stir up the waters once in a while.

    Some of "us" were watching closely when the 20th century ended and predicted the fall of the "generation" doctrine.

    Others of "us" are watching the anointed count bounce with curiosity.

    There are those of "us" who monitor the magazines doctrinal "wind-changes" as a barometer of future adjustments.

    So many of "us" have opinions about what the Bible really teaches and are waiting to see if the WTBTS will revamp.

    The rest of "us" want to see the Org crumble from the inside.

    For you to infer that most JWs are happily head-deep in the sand is true. But don't dismiss "us" either.

  • AlanB
    Well,if a stat said it ,it must be true...

    Then again 85% of all statistics are untrue.

  • seven006

    You can ask the kids if any of them know how many more shopping days there are until Armageddon.

  • gumby
    You can ask the kids if any of them know how many more shopping days there are until Armageddon.

    LMAO ! Gumby

  • RevMalk
    You can ask the kids if any of them know how many more shopping days there are until Armageddon.

    Too Funny!

  • DaCheech

    I'm back!

    By the way I'm counting down the numbers to see at how low it has to get until they change their view on the 144k

    lets see there are 7k left? gotta check

  • Poztate
    I hope you get found out and appropriate action is taken.

    I hope he gets found out also. It is disgusting that in the middle of an approved BOOK STUDY someone would try to make it into a BIBLE STUDY and try to raise a valid point without referring to the questions at the bottom of the page.

    What the hell...this could cause people to start thinking for themselves and then....

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