Draw Close Jeh, Since the elder is out I have to conduct tonight, any sugg?

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  • DaCheech

    Since the elder is out I have to conduct tonight!

    Any suggestion on subtle little comments I can get away with when we study page 143 thru 147?

  • GreenDragon


    p146 - paragraph 19

    Rev 7:9-17

    You asked them how many times the Great Crowd was mentioned in Revelation or the entire bible? And then you tell them it occurs only twice in Revelation.

    You then asked someone to elaborate on the Great Crowd in front of the throne (Rev 7:9) and also on the part that says God who is seated on the throne part (Rev: 7:10). And then you ask "Where is this throne? Is it a spiritual throne or a physical throne? "

    And then you do a little of side-track to the Great Crowd in Rev 19:1 that says "Great Crowd in Heaven". And then you ask someone to elaborate on this and to compare the context of the two great crowds. And then you tell them, "Of course, the Great Crowd in Rev 7:9 and the Great Crowd in Rev 19:1 is not the same. The anointed brothers told us the great crowd in Rev 19:1 is in fact a SPIRITUAL Great Crowd consists of all the good angels and the little flock and does not consists of the PHYSICAL Great Crowd in Rev 7:9."

    Hopefully, the "weak" ones will stumble. (In other words, the smart ones will see the TRUTH).

    Becareful of the antichrists.

  • Elsewhere

    LMAO @ GD.

    * THUD * <--- Sound of me being stumbled.

  • DaCheech

    Deep stuff, but a little to obvious for me to try (will definetely be reported)!

    The study group is only 14dubs, but I gotta drop little droplets.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk


    I personally find what your doing quite reprehensible.If you dont believe it all,then fair enough,i can totally understand that.But there are some sincere People in the Witness Faith who enjoy it and believe it.Also some do struggle to get there and others genuinely live for the Meetings.Now whatever the rights and wrongs of the witness Religion ,all you are doing is taking the P**s out of ordinary,mostly decent People ,if you are planning on subversiveness.

    I hope you get found out and appropriate action is taken.

  • ezekiel3

    Hey Fleaman, I don't find Da Cheech any less subversive than the WTBTS. He who lives by the lie, dies by the lie.

    DC: I want to go to your meeting! There is an footnote on page 145:

    *** cl chap. 14 p. 145 Jehovah Provides "a Ransom in Exchange for Many" ***

    In order to counterbalance the sin of Adam, Jesus had to die, not as a perfect child, but as a perfect man. Remember, Adam?s sin was willful, carried out with full knowledge of the seriousness of the act and its consequences. So in order to become "the last Adam" and cover that sin, Jesus had to make a mature, knowing choice to keep his integrity to Jehovah. (1 Corinthians 15:45, 47) Thus Jesus? entire faithful life course?including his sacrificial death?served as "one act of justification."?Romans 5:18, 19.

    So the question could be, how long did Jesus "know" he was the Messiah and his previous history. The answer is: About 3 years. Jesus did not become "Jesus" until he downloaded his memories. So the whole issue of whether Jesus was an adult male or not is moot when you consider that the "Messiah files" could have been downloaded to a child as well.

    Word of advice: Do not blow your opportunity by raising red flags. But please, make the self-induced morons think "off the page". By raising questions like this you make them think, not recite. This is the first step to being able to reason. Baby steps...

  • Mulan

    Could you ask if anyone knows "if this has always been the WTS interpretation of this"? If no one comments, you can just move on. If they do, it might make an interesting short discussion about changes in doctrine.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk


    Your speaking to the converted (er,as it were)i worked out ages ago its an at best dubious Religion,i just find these tactics a bit sneaky.Hypocrisy works on all Levels.If one doesnt believe it,one leaves..

  • Elsewhere
    personally find what your doing quite reprehensible

    How is it reprehensible to propose different thoughts and ideas at a public question and answer study of the bible? Isn't that what such a study is all about or do you prefer that everyone answer all of the questions with only the answers given by the same book?

    What you are proposing is a sham that is not a study at all but indoctrination with propaganda that does not tolerate question.

  • Farkel

    According to Revelation, NO man is able to number those in the Great Crowd, yet the WTS has stats on it and everything else. Why are they trying to prove the scripture wrong by working so hard to constantly put an exact figure on that number?

    I guess that's not very subtle, is it? :)


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