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  • confusedjw

    Technically it was in 1919 that were "chosen" , not 1914.

    Good job though! And I hope you have found happiness on the outside.

  • wannaexit

    great letter!

    Good for you for doing that .


  • abbagail

    I R-E-A-L-L-Y LIKED IT! (like your screen-name, too, lol, as I have the big fat Josephus book I got at the KH 20 years ago still in my library. Odd that book, the pages literally 'stink').

    As for the letter, it evoked great sadness. Everything you wrote is true. Like someone else said, if the ivory-tower-sitters are, at the least, part-human, it SHOULD touch them!

    Great job!

  • Mary
    Why do you guys have to write a letter??? I mean, if you wanted to just go, can't you just go? If you want nothing to do with them, would it not make sense to not write that letter?

    Uh, Nooooo........alot of Dubs feel the need to write a letter explaining why they're leaving and also to let the GB know that we're aware of their false prophecying, false dates, false hopes and cover-ups.....the more letters they get from people saying "we know what's really going on", the better. Excellent letter josephus.......there's a couple of things you may want to edit....I wouldn't refer to the Borg as Jehovah's one religion, because we all know by now it's not Jehovah's one's manmade. Also, the GB believes that they were chosen as the F&DSC in 1919, not 1914........... All the best, Mary

  • Special K
    Special K

    Good job.

    Writing a letter, for some, is very healing.

    It let's you take the rein and make the break. Your choice, not theirs.


    Special K

  • josephus

    hi abbigail

    if that josephus book is green, im checking to see if mines still in house!

    funny how my copy stinks too ! maybe its an early form of scratch and sniff.


  • Bubbamar

    I love it!! I like how you assume they are aware of all the lies and abuses. It challenges them when they catch themselves thinking "I don't know what he's talking about."

    It is too bad they don't really care. If they did- a concerned elder would show up at your and discuss your concerns. LMAO

    They will probably care more that your family and friends know you are an apostate and try to pressure them into shunning you.

  • DaCheech

    "You are a wonderful example of straining the gnat while swallowing the camel. You worry about the colour of shirts brothers wear on the platform or whether they should have a beard or not, but you ignore the most important things in a Christian life namely love of fellow man and not judging him. You have spent so long telling the world how evil cristendom is, but they would shudder at things you do everyday. And while I know of the despicable acts of some churchs, I also know that they understand the concept of asking for forgiveness. You have never said sorry for your sins, you?ve only blamed others."

    Could not agree with you more!

    One of my friends could not wear black shirts, and another could not wear hanky to match tie in pocket!

  • Farkel


    You've certainly come a long way since we first "met" four or five years ago!

    Outside of teejay's observation (which I also agree with), the letter is great. Do you really want to DA, though? To me, it is still an indication that you recognize their rules and regulations when you DA, even if it is the last time that you do it.

    Isn't there any way you can just fade away? The stupid elders will still contact you about once a year if you were DF'd or you DA. If not, then by all means send the letter.

    Good luck to you. ("Luck" ain't a demonized word!)


  • josephus

    hi farkel

    thanks for all the kind words. in answer to your question, "why DA ?" i want to attend other churchs and i dont want them to get the chance to kick me out when they see my car outside. this wayi get to stick two fingers up at them first.

    all suggestions were considered and i changed it a wee bit because of them.

    thanks again


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