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  • jgnat

    Usually with letters like this, I whip out my red pen and suggest that large sections of text be removed. But I won't on this one. You stuck to one major issue - the lack of love. Because of that, the entire letter has great impact.

    I would not make any major changes. Great job!

  • Carmel

    you might want to do a spelllll check! Other than that, you've nailed it!

    Good on ya!


  • Flash

    In the first three paragraphs I would give them some examples of the problems as you did in the second half of your letter. I like the second half very much!

    Not to beat the you really need to leave? I plan on writting a letter myself, but I'm not DA'ing myself. Just a thought.


    Wonderful letter, Josephus!!!

    I'm thinking maybe I'll write a letter and thank the elders for disfellowshipping me! It helped me see that I didn't fit in with that bunch, where I required a little encouragement to see that I no longer fit in with that bunch.

    Or maybe just a thank you card ...



  • shotgun

    I liked it too Josephus, not too long and doesn't go into doctrinal detail which would confuse them**shhh..they think they're special**

    I would remove Dear Sirs and put To whom it may concern or Offspring of vipers...or possible just remove the Dear Sirs and replace it with nothing.

    You could conclude with the scripture in revelation where it says to get out of babylon the great as being your ultimate reason for giving them the boot...they like that verse.

  • Panda

    Josephus, Very nice letter. I also agree that the length means it might get read. There are a few things I wish I'd done with my letter...I wish I'd sent every elder his own copy. I did send them to friends but but if the elders wives had gotten hold of them before their husbnds got home then the gossip would've spread about why I "really" left. Otherwise I also agree with TeeJay.

  • Arnie

    Hi, My name is Arnie and I am a Christian pastor. I truly feel your pain. I over the years have tried to minister to a number of WTBTS in active field service and inactive. I, not knowing exactly why, have done so with tears in my eyes. I wondered both at their sincerity and their passion, however the level of deception under which they ministered was frightening. The more I have researched and listened to the testimony of ex-Jw's the more I realize that I have a great love for these people. Some accused me of hating JW's, but that was far from the case. I only hope that your and other ex-JW's experiences with the WTBTS religion has not turned you away comletely from the True God. If it has then the true agenda of the "god" of this world has suceeded. The God is a God of love. I only hope as you journey in the waters of freedom that you encounter the Jesus of Nazareth. His unconditional love is matchless. It is not my intention to preach to you but only to share in your pain and wish you well. I was raised in a religious home and I almost entered the WTBTS religion. I read the Truth that leads..., Evolution... I became well versed in WTBTS language (prior to the "new light"), but I refused to give up my independent thinking. I also planned to get a college education. So that (Thank God) kept me out. I kept studying the Scriptures and apologetics. I subsequently challenged many JW's. Often I was told I'd make a good JW. I am so sorry for the pain you went thru and still feel as a result of following this religion. Please know that it was not God's doing nor His work, rather it was the work of men. I only hope and pray that I as a Christian pastor will be faithful to Jesus of Nazareth and to His people. Please feel my heart beat not my words alone. In His Love, Arnie

  • sting

    Excellent letter Josephus - very concise & to the point!

    Welcome to freedom from slavery & the opportunity to find true freedom in the Jesus Christ the Watchtower Society have never known!!!


  • Golf

    The letter was YOU. If you want to send it as is, fine.


  • The Shadow Tamer
    The Shadow Tamer

    I am currently attending my last convention, "Deliverance at Hand," while preparing my own disassociation letter. I want to thank you. Your letter was extremely moving, and it made me feel the same surge of emotion and power I feel each time I uncover yet another lie of theirs. Like all of Satan's teachings, a little bit of truth, a whole lot of lies.... a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.... or the poison. Whichever. Just sweet enough to keep you from asking which one it is.


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