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  • darkuncle29

    I like it. I like that you don't waste your breath trying to tell them the things they already know, but get your feelings off your chest. If I ever need to write a DA letter, I'd like to use yours as a template. KISS principle--Keep It Simple Stupid.

  • hillary_step


    Why do you guys have to write a letter???

    Many feel that this process allows them to draw a line in the sand and sever ties officially. Perhaps it aids in the process of the psychological exit for some, in a way that walking away would not allow.

    Best regards - HS

  • shamus

    Congrats on the letter!

    Now that you've written it, remember that they don't give a hoot about you leaving. You're just one more number that leaves the 'flock'. In essence, they don't want you, because you don't want them.

    I thought of sending in a letter and making it official; but why? For me, it came down to, with encouragement from others, that I was still under they're control and they only wanted me to write that letter.

    In any event, good luck on your decision. Tons have DA'd officially here, and there's nothing wrong with it. It can be a great part of healing.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    May I add this to the Best of Letters thread?

  • josephus

    awwwww im all pleased. thanks so far.

    josephus, ps once i post it this week im changing my name to my real one.

  • kwintestal
    ps once i post it this week im changing my name to my real one

    Whadayamean??? People don't use their real names on this site??? Am I being spoofed? Next thing you'll say is that they don't use their real photos too!


  • kls

    It's good , straight to the point of how you feel and how you were treated. I hope this letter gives you closure.

  • Mum

    Hi, josephus.

    Your letter is good -- not too lengthy and right on point. They know they have lied and ruined lives, but they do not care. Now they also know that we know, and still they do not care.

    Welcome to freedom! Congratulations!

    Best regards,


  • jws

    GREAT letter! To the point, and not a wordy theological argument. One thing the spell checker might not catch is the "to many" at the bottom of the second paragraph: should be "too many" (two o's).

    I like the thoughts, but in my opinion - and this is just my take on the situation. These guys are probably hit all the time by "apostates". As soon as you mention their false teachings, you may lose your audience. "Oh, another misguided apostate, blah, blah, blah, file this one away".

    But, you have some good points about how they hurt people. If the guys reading this have any heart, it may touch them, make them feel guilty for how they've handled their flock. (Probably more at the local level than the society).

    If you leave out the "wrong teachings" stuff and stick to the other ways they've hurt people, they may read it all the way through without dismissing it.

    That's just my opinion. There's something great about the way it is now too.

  • teejay

    The only critique I can offer is that, if it were me, rather than saying "your religion" and "the broken promises, the half-truths and lies you've told," I'd say "my (our) religion" and "the lies we've told." I think it would sound less judgmental that way.

    I hope it helps you accomplish whatever you need for it to so that you can get on with life. From what I understand, however, letters like these aren't read, but you never know.

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