Crisis Of Conscience - What Did The Society Say?

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  • seattleniceguy

    They can, and do "easily dismiss it" and view it the same as a book written by Satan himself......

    Now I know that any dubs reading this are just going to freak out, but can you imagine if there really was a book written by Satan himself? Can you honestly tell me you wouldn't be a little interested in reading it? I mean, either to confirm what you had been told, or to get the other side of the story. I can just imagine the promos:

    Hi, I'm Satan T. Devil. You may know me from 3000 years of Judeo-Christian mythology, or from my recent appearance on the Tonight Show. I want you to know about my new book, Cruisin': Personal Memoirs of the Prince of Darkness, which goes on sale this week at all major booksellers. Although most religious denominations have come out against my book, very few have actually read it, so I don't know what the uproar is about. It's really just a collection of some cool watercolors I did a few years ago, some stills from a rad anime I downloaded from Kazaa, a couple comedic sketches about me and God, and a couple op-ed pieces I wrote for the New York Times under pseudonyms. All in all, at least as interesting as your latest copy of Playboy. Pick it up today for only $6.66!


  • confusedjw
    Actually, COC is at the Bethel library. RR

    What? This can't be true. Can someone take a picture of that and post it?

  • AlanF

    The Society has copies of various critical literature. That doesn't mean all the bigwigs have read them. For example, in 1993 I asked GB member Albert Schroeder if he had read Coc. He said he hadn't, and I believe him because when I told him about one thing that Ray Franz had written, he said, "He wrote about that???"


  • minimus

    Alan, why did the GB talk to you KNOWING you were pro-Franz????

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    What a fascinating thread!

    I personally find the events of 1980 to be very enlightening.I vaguely remember the km announcement about R,.Franz as a Kid.It was a very big deal at the time.My Dad said it was a sifting work (sigh) and i also seem to remember that the Numbers dropped in that year and the following few.

    I would love Alan F to tell us more about his conversation with Schroder too.

    Another thread i feel?

  • Swan

    Wal-Mart Won't Sell Satan T. Devil?s New Book

    Spokesman says cover of Satan having a beer with God offensive

    LITTLE ROCK - Wal-Mart, the nation?s largest retailer, is refusing to sell Satan T. Devil?s best-selling new book, ?Cruisin': Personal Memoirs of the Prince of Darkness? in its stores because its cover of the author chatting with God over a beer is offensive.

    Wal-Mart spokesman Wally Walloon said the book was not being stocked in Wal-Mart stores because the company felt it ?would not appeal to a majority of our customers.?

    Said Devil, when contacted about the matter, "Hell, I toned it down as much as I could. We weren't actually drinking beer; we were drinking straight shots, but I didn't want to offend anyone. I chose to use beer on the cover instead. I wanted it to appeal to rednecks as well as the well educated. My goal is to get this book into the hands of as many as I can so that people will finally understand my side of the story."

    When asked if he was bitter about Wal-Mart's decision, Devil replied, "No. Not bitter. Just disappointed. God has been working consistently to suppress my issues for many millennia, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was behind all of this."

    God could not be reached for comment.

  • seattleniceguy

    LOL @ Swan!

  • Ghosthunter

    I just found out my copy of CoC is ready at the library! Going to pick it up now.


  • Ghosthunter

    So far, I am pretty interested. What REALLY interested me is the "trials" in Connersville, Indiana which resulted in a 'blitzkreig' (in Ray's own words) on the town. My grandmother lived in Connersville at the time and I have to say I'm almost 100% sure this is when she became a JW. Or at least became 'interested'. Connersville, Indiana for God's Sake! You have no idea how small this town is until you've actually been there. Interestingly enough, Jim Jones (of the famous Guyana Kool-aid massacre) was from Lynn, Indiana, which is not more than 10 or 15 miles from Connersville.

    Weird. I had no idea.

  • AlanF

    Well, minimus and fleaman, the reason that Schroeder talked to me was because my parents, being his personal friends, asked him to. I was at that time (1992-3) trying to get my parents and the Society to answer a number of hard questions about JW teaching and policy, and of course, they were stonewalling. You know the drill. So I challenged my parents to set up a meeting between me and any Watchtower official they chose in order to see if the official could answer my challenges.

    One official, Harry Peloyan, editor-in-chief of Awake!, simply refused to answer any of the questions on a list of about ten that I gave my parents (I was not aware until many years later that it was Peloyan who was given the list of challenges). Less than a year later I again challenged my parents, and with some advice from a good friend suggested that they try to get Schroeder to talk to me. Eventually he did, but he wouldn't meet me in person. He'd only talk to me on the phone, which we did for about 2 1/2 hours in late November, 1993. I was careful not to push any of his buttons, and only gradually worked up to some of the harder issues (but on a scale of 1 to 10 in difficulty, I never got past 5). Eventually he agreed to read over some material I promised to send him, along with a pile of references.

    By the next summer Schroeder hadn't responded. My parents said that he was too busy -- yeah, right. So I called him in August and asked to meet with him in September, 1994, when I would be in New York on business. Again he refused, but suggested that I call him at his Bethel office on the Saturday after my business affairs were done. I called him in early September, and we talked for about 45 minutes. He claimed that he hadn't had a chance to look over the material I'd sent him 8 months earlier, but I knew that this wasn't quite true because he was familiar with some of it.

    Near the end of our conversation I asked Schroeder why one very important scriptural warning couldn't apply to the JW organization, i.e., Luke 21:8, which essentially tells Christians to avoid anyone who proclaims in God's name, "The kingdom is at hand." He tried to avoid answering, but I persisted and he finally said, "You're not going to give up until I answer you, are you!" I said, "No!" He said, "It can't apply to us because we're God's people!" At that instant I knew, deep in my gut, that these Watchtower officials are blind by choice and thoroughly dishonest and corrupt, and there was no hope of convincing them of anything they didn't want to believe. Blind guides is what they are.


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