Crisis Of Conscience - What Did The Society Say?

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  • Sassy

    yeah dh.. I wish I could get family to read that.. but I know if I brought it up, my mother would run fast.. like it is a bullet directed at her head..

    I dont' remember hearing specifically about the book nor do I think my mom knows about it.. but I do remember that they claimed there were infiltrators as high as bethel and the GB and they tried to corrupt (the story I was told) the WTS.. I assume they meant Franz and of course that was a cover up so we all stayed blind..

    but we were taught to never read any literature that might call into question the WTS.. that it was apostate and the feeling was that you could be struck down dead for reading it.. as if Satan himself would reach in and pull your heart out..

    Scary stuff

  • czarofmischief
    as if Satan himself would reach in and pull your heart out..

    Sassy - that's quite a visual! Wow.


  • doodle-v
    as if Satan himself would reach in and pull your heart out..

    My parents and other jw's would often say that having "apostate propaganda" in your home would let the deeemunz in your home as well, as if all apostates were deemun possesed and influenced by Satan.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Hi dh, according to Ray, he contributed to the Aid Book but was not involved in the writing of any other Watchtower Publications.

  • orangefatcat

    You know what I was thinking after reading alot of the comments above and then Doddle V said something of interest and got me to thinking.

    We all know of course the lies that the Society tells their congregations. But here is another example of their extreme hypocrisy. No JW is looked on wi th favour if they read ,"apostate literatature".

    Now lets look at the hidden Library of the Bethel. Locked as well. All of know that the Society has several books of spirtism not written by the org. and book about demonology, and bibles that are consider border line evil. Books that are anti jw. and now one of you mentioned that the society has the copy of CoC. Interesting isn't it. They preach and teach to abhor these pieces of literature as they are considered apostate. Anti Christ.

    Don't try and pull the wool over everyones eyes. They can use whatever reason they want to justify having literature that is demonic. I hate and deplore their hypocrisy. Of course this reminds me of what Jesus said about relgion when on earth that the scribes and pharisees and religjous leaders of his day where from their father the Devil and wished to do as he desired. White washed graves and dead bones inside. The org. is no different in my opinion then were the leaders in Jesus' day. Liars and evil. Misguiding innocent people that is the tragedy.

    If it weren't for men like Raymond Franz many would not have known of the indepth lies that are in the orgainzation. And of course he is not the only whistle blower. There have been many. So the org. thinks that disfellowshipping will supress the truth they are wrong. It will be made known. Now with the help of Bill Bowen and the silent lambs and the Andersons and for all the others who are brave to stand up to this Goliath Organization. God's blessing to all of you.

    And the Society can say and do whatever they want and unfortunately like many of us are were lead astray. We must advocate the real truth behind the name of the WTBS..

    Outraged and standing up for the true truth, I am your friend in stamping out their oppression to bring freedom to the humble who seek the meaning of being a true Christian.

    Love as always


  • Farkel

    : Crisis Of Conscience - What Did The Society Say?

    After COC came out and the Time article came out one GB member (I forget who it was) mused that perhaps the GB should have handled things relating to the DFing of Ray Franz "differently."


  • czarofmischief

    Differently, how?

    Like maybe leaving the guy alone until he goes away?

    Or maybe introducing some of the reforms he wanted that would have saved them a lot of trouble by now? I mean, talk about throwing good money after bad, these guys are just shooting themselves in the foot over and over.


  • wannaexit

    I remember in the early 80's my father told me that Ray Franz was the biggest apostate society ever encountered. Also that Ray got really jelous that his uncle was president that he tried to take over the society.

    I was young and impressionable and thought that Ray must of been like Satan trying to be like God.

    When I finally read his books years and years later, I could not believe how a kind and meek person could have been maligned so horribly.

    I owe Ray a debt of gratitude for putting the pieces of the puzzle together for me. At the present I am rereading "in search of Christian Freedom."


  • blondie

    This is the only announcement that appeared officially in a nonsecret WTS publication or letter:

    km 8/80 p. 2 Announcements ***

    This is a notification that Raymond Victor Franz is no longer a member of the Governing Body and of the Brooklyn Bethel family as of May 22, 1980.

    Same year, not same reason


    yb80 pp. 257-258 Theocratic Instrumentalities ***

    The Governing Body functions by means of committees of which there are six: Chairman?s, Writing, Teaching, Service, Publishing and Personnel. In the past year Ewart C. Chitty resigned, so that at present there are 17 members of this body.

  • Swan

    What I found extremely interesting is how the CoC book described GB meetings. I had always been taught, and so thought, that the GB were infused with Holy Spirit, humbly prayerful, and deeply studied the Bible truths that they based their decisions on with one accord. But CoC described it differently. These weren't a bunch of spiritual leaders; but more like the board members of any American corporation.

    Instead of carefully considering esoteric passages of scriptures in the original Greek or Hebrew and praying to Jehovah for guidance and wisdom in the matter before making their decisions, they voted to change things by two thirds majority, and hardly considered some life-altering issues before voting on them. Their votes were often political, with many siding with one of the more powerful members to curry favor, rather than voting their Bible-based consciences. Many families were hurt and suffered as a result of these decisions.


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