Kneel before me, for I am a god !

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  • DanTheMan

    Simon the Repairman, hard at work:

  • Simon


    Don't worry about bringing tools, I have the siphon hose and a towel for you face.

    Eek !

    Erm, I can only handle metric muck ... you still have old imperial muck over there so I;ll have to give it a miss

  • jgnat

    My pastor relieved himself from all household fix-it jobs by flubbing his first one. Like you, he said, "It can't be that complicated" and took a screwdriver to his stereo.

    After the electrical shock sent him hurtling across the room, his wife relieved him from any further fix-it jobs.

    All he has to say is, "It can't be that complicated." and she is on the phone for a repairman.

    My dad firmly believes that all his children should be able to take care of basic maintenance tasks. He taught me to change a washer AND a spare tire. I hated changing the spare tire. He insisted I do the whole thing myself! I have done lots of handyman stuff, including changing the "seat" in my bathtub taps (my proudest accomplishment to date).

  • Satanus


    That's how you tell a real repair/tradesman from a schlepper. That's a real one, btw, for noobies.


  • Balsam

    Any man willing to tackle and repair anything around a house is a hero. My sweety is my hero, and I am a much admired wife because I have a husband who can fix anything. I am the envy of all on my street. LOL LOL Yah Howard is just a real superman. Simon you are too.

    Cheers for all you handy guys, we love you. Now those are men worthy of worship. LOL LOL


  • FlyingHighNow

    I recall listening to a lady stand up comic. She was talking about porn movies and how they don't appeal as much to women as they do men. She said that if they want to make porn that will appeal to women they need to just make films of men washing dishes, vacuuming, changing diapers, cooking, etc. I thought about it for a while and I had to admit that yes, a man who will help out around the house, willingly, is DAMN sexy.

  • Nosferatu
    The one downside to this story is that now I've been asked to fix the dishwasher that has been broke for several months.

    Don't feel bad, Simon. I'm the dedicated repair guy around the house too.

  • Elsewhere

    Ah yes... gone are the days when a man would stop in the middle of a wilderness and build an entire homestead using nothing but an ax, saw and hammer.

    Now we are down to fixing household appliances.

  • Mulan

    All Hail, Simon, God of the Repairmen!! I am impressed.

    extract a small sock and a two pence piece (must've been Angharad doing some "Money Laundering" ).

    Best line I've heard from you in a long time.

  • Englishman

    20 quid a month pays for all my gas and electric appliances to be fixed. If they can't fix it they give me new one.


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