A challenge to all atheist?

by meggidon555 47 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • StinkyPantz

    I think maybe your understanding of evolution, or more specifically natural selection i.e. 'survival of the fittest' is lacking. It often takes generations to even manifest itself.


    To answer your question:

    If a person is killing people just because of their race, this person should be stopped. I think the average person, whether atheist or not would agree.

  • Satanus

    Taking an english grammer course would be a good start.


  • meggidon555

    germans in 1930 didn't do a damn thing about it and we wouldn't have either except for pearl harbor

    pol pot


    think of any others

    only for money did we get involve

    this is man future we are talking about

  • outbutnotdown

    I was trying to be nice to Meggidon, because it was kind of apparent that he is a little challenged but he seems to putting up the gloves first, SO!!!!!!!!!..... lol......

    What is your religious affiliation Meg? What are your insinuations regarding atheists? I am not one, but I am curious to read what you are suggesting.

    Thanks, B.

  • shamus

    I'm more confused than a horny bi-sexual at an orgy.

  • meggidon555

    where does morality come from man evolution wouldn't this be a henderance to the promotion of evolution

    I saw a movie an old black and white one

    about a people in a boat in the middle of the ocean the boat was over full no one had time to think they just got on

    so it came time for action some one had to get off there was a handicapped man and a young man in perfectly good health

    not married or anything he volonteered to get off and he later died and every on the boat was mad at the hancicapped man saying he sould got off he was of no use to them. this is the way of logic without god the young man should of stayed fo many reasons. but he self sacraficed he self for what he thought god wanted from him but you can see that for the betterment of the whole he should of stay and the other should of went in this is what we are headed for with atheism no love no compassion just numbers

  • Nat-Oz

    Ummm..........I can't even be bothered arguing this point.

  • Nat-Oz

    Ummm..........I can't even be bothered arguing this point.

  • dh

    become his friend then cut his throat.

  • lawrence

    Challenge refused. Shamus - that was excellent!

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