I can't believe I am doing this again

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  • Princess
    Yep! Dave called her and left a message to come over and get some plums.

    I've got a cold and have banished Rhys to his room for awhile (meltdown). Two pumpkin pies in the oven and Steve has gone fishing. Can I come over tomorrow and pick?

    If I contribute for the supplies, can I have some jam?

  • Mulan
    If I contribute for the supplies, can I have some jam?

    Of course, (you don't have to contribute) but at the moment, I'm trying to find containers for it. I found a few quart jars but have no lids. I just DO NOT want to go to the store.

    I am going to make cooked jam, but can freeze it to preserve it, after it's done, but I have to find some containers. Grrrrrr. **fighting with myself about going to the store**

    As for selling to you guys, that isn't an easy process. Glass jars, full of liquid and fruit................kind of a tricky mail issue I think.

  • Jez

    I LOVE canning! I can spaghetti sauce every year and this year got 30 jars of it, it tastes so much better than store bought due to less processing and so fresh. I do jams too, peach jam and raspberry are my family's favorite. I do lots of different things but I must say, every year, my salsa is by far the best thing I do. It is full of things like zuchinni, carrots, peppers, tomatoes (of course), etc. My kids can't get enough of it and it is super easy, grate everything with the food processer, throw it in the pot to boil and then can.

    Addicted to the 'pop' of jars sealing...Jez

  • bikerchic

    ohhh I'm so jealous! Canning sounds like so much fun to me and I was hoping to learn how to do it when I moved up here to Oregon with all the fruits, errr fruits and veggies available, growing wild yours for the taking.

    Well I'll just be content to live vicariously through you other wonderful homemakers.....sigh! Well that is until I'm ready to take the plunge myself.


  • shamus

    I, for the first time, canned this year. A buddy smokes salmon, then cans it. It is the most amazing thing you have ever tasted... we also canned some tomatoe sause... one that they had been preparing for 36 hours! You have to taste it to believe it... everything that you could imagine was in that sause.

    It was fun, quite honestly. We had the pressure cookers going, had some beers, and shot a whole afternoon. I don't think it was boring at all, personally.

  • Sunspot

    UGH! I hated canning! I did everything, jams, jellies, tomatoes, squash, peas, two kinds of pickles and even made three kinds of wine! I think I hated the "committment" end of it---once you got started, you had to keep going, even though you were dead tired!

    I admire you, Mulan!

    BTW, the answer to the packaging/mailing problem would be........to send 'em jam sandwiches! (grin)



  • Mulan

    I found lids for 2 quart jars that I found hiding in the garage, and it's amazing how many more plums fit in that size. I have the third batch going now, and one more left to process.

    Dave still wants to do jam, but he will have to go pick some more plums. There are lots left.

    What a mess though. I put towels down on the counters, and it's a good thing. I should have done the same to the floor. Everything is getting purple.............red actually.

    In my youth, I also made pickles and all kinds of jams. We had a big garden for years, so I canned beets, tomatoes, green beans, and froze broccoli, cauliflower, and peas, and I also tried to can zuchinni, (yucky) but I found it worked better as pickles and relish. We also grew cabbage so we made saurkraut and canned it. It was THE BEST!

    Sheesh. Makes me more tired remembering all that. But I had four kids, and two big teenaged boys who ate constantly.

  • Panda

    Mulan, I remember canning and pioneering too. After I quit reg pio I still canned AND believe it or not I am contemplating canning again. Only this time I'm going to use stuff that grows naturally on our place. I'll start with making jam with those little peppers that grow wild... hot stuff but a necessity down here at allergen central... clears the sinuses you know.

    A "friend" trimmed our luscious peach tree and killed it... bastard. But we do have some native grapes that I'll try.

    Why am I doing this? I don't plan on killing myself with doing canning and all the dub stuff...I may enjoy it more this time.

  • Mulan

    Okay, I am done. I can't believe it took so long.

    The yield:

    1. 2 quarts plums
    2. 24 pints plums
    3. 10 cups plum jam

    And there is MORE!!!

  • Special K
    Special K

    You sound plum tuckered out, Mulan.

    Good job


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