I love Jehovah's Witnesses...

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  • gumby

    FMZ......I hope this "love bug" of yours don't follow you into our bedroom in Seattle.......ya little cupid bastard!

    Hey....I agree with you 100%. Many ex-dubs seem to forget they too were once dubs who thought and acted just like the dubs they now claim to "hate or despise". They fail to forget the witnesses are acting and speaking exactly the way they THINK they are supposed to think and act according to god and his organisation. They are doing what they feel is correct.

    As for the blood issue......they feel if they give in, they will lose their loved one forever because of their unfaithfulness to Jehovah and so they make the best decision they can......be faithful to god and see your loved one for eternity rather than the time left in this system.

    As for child abuse.....most dubs are unaware of the current policy and how it works, therefore pass off what they hear about it as lies from apostates ....like they have been told.

    For those witnesses who know FULL WELL in their hearts and minds that it is all bogus, yet turn a blind eye to these issues we have mentioned......I don't have the same feelings for these ones unless they are not in positions of control, they bring harm to no one, ......and they are doing it only for the sake of keeping their family and friends that they feel they could not bare to lose.


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Danny's reply to FMZ Community culpability,when we were active dubs we heard a lot about this.If a gated community bared our access,"they would all die at Armageddon". Matthew 12:36,37:
    Matthew 12
    36 But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. 37 For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned." Matthew 7 Judging Others

    1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. They are blameworthy are they not?Somebody has to take out the trash.They Dfed (Judged) me in a heartbeat over perjured testimony (whistle blowing). The onlookers who were silent over Hitler allowed his monstrosity. The central CORE doctrine { JC returned to power 1914 } has failed,and i got out of there.So can they. Closure is a loose word for folks who haven't lost EVERYTHING. My name is Daniel which means:God is my judge........So be it.

  • cyber-sista

    Well, this is a hard one for me... Because I haven't attended meetings in over a year now I have been cut off by every JW I have ever known including my own flesh and blood sister and my very best JW friends. Even though I have committed no sin and I am a decent human-being they cannot handle the fact that I have left the fold for any reason. I have never spoken to them as to why--nor have I spoken out against them or their beliefs. I am now being treated as if I have some sort of a plague and they have all cut off contact with me. This has been heartwrenching to say the least, but I am surviving and moving ahead with my non-JW family and new friends who treat me with love and respect. So, do I love these people who have treated me and my family with so little regard and love and to the point of cruelty by some? It is difficult. I don't like where the organization is leading these people. I don't like the fact that their members are following the directions given to them and sacrificing so many people along the way. I have no respect for their actions. To think about their cold hearted actions towards me and my family makes me feel quite upset. These people no longer give me warm fuzzy feelings. They don't make me feel happy or loved. I have faced the fact that I have to let them follow their own path. I also realize that I can no longer put any energy into trying to make these people love me. How can I love them (feel love towards them) when they don't treat me with love???

    I do feel a sad pity towards them, but it doesn't feel like love.

  • FMZ

    To all who have replied on this thread:

    Thankyou all for your points of discussion and encouraging thoughts.


    Don't worry, mate... the love will only carry on in one or two ways... it's up to you to guess which ones. lol

    Seriously tho... you have summed up my opinions and thoughts on the matter quite accurately. We were once exactly where they are now... why are we sometimes so quick to forget that?


    I agree, they have judged pretty much 100% of the people on this board at some time or another.

    Your reference: "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to". This does not refer to us being allowed to judge them if they judge us. It is saying that if they judge others to be bad, then God will judge them (in the Christian belief system) in just the same manner.

    It isn't up to us to judge, our jobs are solely: Love God completely, and love your neighbor as yourself.

    All in all though, I understand why you feel as you do. On a personal level, I disagree with it, but... who am I to say? It isn't up to me to say if you are wrong or right mate...

    Either way, you are all in my prayers tonight (especially you, Danny). Love y'all.


  • Preston

    I love you FMZ!

    (Hubby hits Preston with frying pan)

    It's OK...I's okay, husband didn't get angry....FMZ, I feel your expression of love is a profound and touching thing that serves as a nice balance to many posts on this board.

    I'm such a bleedin heart....

    - Preston

  • heathen

    As another poster once wrote " Their love comes with a knife in the back." I gave them every chance in the world to show me why they deserved to be loved like family and they threw it in my face every time . They are lying thieving hypocrites who don't even know what love is . I will never consider them worthy of being called friend, so to me if you don't have what it takes you are my enemy . They are cruel , heartless people and that little old lady in the back that likes to answer WT article questions is probly their #1 spy and rat and has nobody else to call family because the WTBTS told her the end was too close so she decided to sell magazines instead of being a woman .

  • avishai
    am now being treated as if I have some sort of a plague and they have all cut off contact with me

    No, if you had a plague, they would likely help you get medical assistance, albeit at a distance, possibly, they treat you as if you are dead!!

    I have a problem with some of the forgiving nonsene, we were like them, etc., etc. Did'nt you, somewhere deep down feel bad for treating others that way? Didn't somewhere in your soul you know it was worng? Not to sound high and mighty, but I at least new that cutting people off like that was bullshit, and left as soon as i could.

    That being said, i love people, even misguided ones, as long as they don't go out of their way to mess with people. Hurting others by situation or accident is hard to hate others for.

  • gumby

    Heathen Heathen......calm down ya damn grizzly bear(closest thing to a bear I could find).

    so to me if you don't have what it takes you are my enemy . They are cruel , heartless people and that little old lady in the back that likes to anser WT article questions

    Let's look at this.

    What it would take for a witness to do as you say would be to abandon what they believe in their heart wouldn't it? They would have to renounce their faith and risk being ridiculed or even shunned by those THEY love wouldn't they? Can you EXPECT that a witness or any other believer will put a friend or loved one first.......if it means defying their god? That's how they see it.....defying god.


  • Farkel

    : Love them anyway, for the most part they are beautiful people, just very misguided.

    How far do you want to go with that statement? "For the most part" was Hitler one of the "beautiful people, just very misguided?" How about Timothy McVeigh? Osama Bin Laden? Joseph Stalin? Pol Pot? Idi Amin? Charles Manson, ad infinitum?

    You can think whatever you want to think, but misguided or not Jehovah's Witnesses are a culture of hate, lies, backstabbing, superstition and the ultimate in self-serving activities. They don't sell Watchtower books because they give a rat about people's salvation. They sell Watchtower books because THEIR salvation is all that matters.

    Read M. Scott Peck's book "People of the Lie" if you want to learn more about the nature of evil individuals and evil groups and evil cultures.

    And get yer head out of the sand: dubs destroy lives and families. How much more evil can it get than that?


  • gumby

    The point was however Farkmeister......should we still have no hate for the individual member......rather than what the Organisation represents and causes. We were as twisted as they are yet we didn't deserve to be hated by others. We were however hated by others because others didn't know the reasons WHY we believed the way we did. WE on this board DO know what and why they believe the way they do. We have LESS reason to hold grudges against them for being as they are.


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