I love Jehovah's Witnesses...

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  • FMZ

    Yes, that's right.. I love them. I love everyone...

    "Love your neighbor as yourself".... does it specify which neighbors? The good ones? The bad ones? The sane ones? The non-Jehovah's Witnesses? NO.

    Love them anyway, for the most part they are beautiful people, just very misguided. Just the same way a beautifully crafted blade can be a work of art in itself, but in the wrong hands can be a weapon of devastating effect.

    "Forgive them, for they know not what they do"... We are FREE! They are the ill ones, not us. We have clarity and freedom. They don't. Just show your love, and hopefully we will win them over by the love that we show, and show that we aren't all corrupt apostates.

    Hate is only destructive. In no way does hate build others up, encourage them, show them the right way to go.

    Again, only a thought. Still love y'all.. lol


  • ezekiel3

    I love you too FMZ.

  • Stefanie

    Pass some this way FMZ!

  • Sassy

    Love you too FMZ..

    I do love some people who happen to be Jdubs.. but I don't love them because they are JWs

  • FMZ


    Not sure if I note sarcasm in there.. but either way, rock on...


    The alcohol only gave me the bravery to say these things... it is sheer love that makes me feel this way.


    Understandable... actually often a good way of putting it. Nice thought... thanks :)


  • Stefanie
    The alcohol only gave me the bravery to say these things... it is sheer love that makes me feel this way.

    Well then Here~ Here! I am proud of you. I know of some people who get hatefull when they have alcohol.

    And I luvs you mister!

  • heathen

    It's not working , I hatem alright . Never did a damn thing to em but I hatem . Their voodoo has no effect on me anymore thanks to the web . This site took the scales from my eyes and now I can see clearly the corrupt bunch of hypocrites they really are . They force people to die over the blood issue they ignore child molestation and victimize the poor kids a second time they are judgemental little pricks .

  • Purza

    I don't hate them -- but I sure don't love them either. I think its more like indifference. Even my old "friends" I no longer have feelings for them.


  • Nat-Oz

    I dont hate anyone, but tend to avoid people I just dont get! haha!

    By the way FMZ - nice pussy!

  • outbutnotdown


    I agree that hate is not good for anybody, especially the ones feeling it, and I feel more pity for the dubs individually than anything else. However, I have virtually no respect for the organization itself. I can separate that loathing from ill feelings towards an individual man.

    I have learned to protect myself from them, though.


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