My son bought a Motorcycle and i am so scared.

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  • Gadget

    A honda cbr600f is a nice bike for a learner. Its more of a sports tourer rather than the newer cbr600rr, so it has been toned down a lot. The result is a very smooth predictable bike thats easy to ride and good for beginners. Because its been toned down a bit you don't have to worry about any nasty suprises so it makes it a very good first sports bike. And it has plenty of power too so he won't get bored of it and want to go onto a big engined bike.

    Training is very very important for on a bike, experience counts for a lot. Instead of spending money on a special jacket with airbags I would recomend a jacket with standard armour and using the money saved to get more training, he'll be safer in the long run.

  • kls

    I wonder if it is possible to get a REAL suit of armour ,you know the ones the knights used to wear. I could live with that .

  • Gadget
    so this Honda CBR 600 is not a real fast bike ?

    It is a very fast bike, but the best bit about is that the power delivery and handling characteristics make it very easy to ride, especially for beginners. Its very forgiving if you make a mistake when your riding it, unlike some other sport bikes. Its a very popular bike in the UK.

  • bull01lay

    Hi kls....

    You can't wrap him up in cotton wool forever... certainly tell him of your fears,and hopefully, he will do everything to convince you that he will be as safe and cautious as he can be. Motorcycling is convenient, fun, exciting and in better climates than sunny England, can be a most practical means of full time transport. And no, they aren't more dangerous than cars, just more vulnerable.

    How does it work in the US - over here, we have to pass a Compulsory Basic Training course, then we're limited as to what power bike we can ride for 2 years (unless you do a direct access course like I did, then you can ride whatever you like). After that, you can go onto more powerful bikes. Certainly encourage him to get some good training, both on and off road - riding motorcycles isn't just about going fast, and it takes alot more skill than you'd realise to control one at a slow pace.

    IMO, you need to show supportiveness WITH concerns - the minute you say 'I don't want you to have one', or similar, he'll just switch off - like most of us would!

    If leathers are too hot to wear over there, there is some excellent lightweight armoured clothing available - even some that looks like cargo netting with crash protectors. A full face helmet is a must if he's gonna go fast, as are proper gloves and boots.

    Other than that, you can only leave it in His hands and your son's sensibilities!

    Take Care, and try not to worry too much!!


  • ezekiel3

    Advice from a fellow rider:

    Always ride with a FULL FACED helmet.

    Always ride with AT LEAST a thick leather jacket and jeans.

    Always wear boots that cover the ankle (ankles no more in a slide).

    Take a motorcycle training course.

    You can be consoled that dirt-bike riders are always better than street-only bikers because they know how a bike feels when "out of control", skidding, loss of traction. This experience is invaluable in a crisis.

    To you mothers who are completely freaked out about your children, please know motorcycles are a great way to "get there", but a certain amount of "fear" of injury has to be exposed to the young rider. Big racers (1000cc+) are alot to handle for newbie. Take it easy at first.

  • kls

    You know i don't think there is anything that will make me not worry. Every time i know he is riding his bike i will be crazed and every night i will sleep with one eye open and wait for the phone to ring and some horrible news.

    You all are so great and i thank you all for the information and warning you have given me and i know more now then i did before but i am a mom and worry is my business.

    To all you bikers ( BE CAREFUL )

  • bull01lay


    To all you bikers ( BE CAREFUL )

    Thanks honey, we try!! wife was reading my reply to you yesterday as I was typing it... she said exactly the same thing as you - you're a mom, it's your job to worry!!



  • dh
    Just my two cents chiming in..Yes a body suit is a must for riding a crotch rocket.
    A honda cbr600f is a nice bike for a learner.

    i can vouch for both of these points because i learned on a CBR 600F2, and in leathers. LOL

    these bikes do fly, 155mph is no problem, (edited) i think the top speed is about 165mph, which was plenty for me as a new rider.

    (problems with the picture. pffff)

  • Nat-Oz

    DH! Damn!!

    Nice bike!!

    Wouldnt mind riding that - amongst other things

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