My son bought a Motorcycle and i am so scared.

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  • truthseeker1

    I ride a motorcycle now and its a blast. He MUST be safe at ALL TIMES though. Please make him wear a full faced helmet. They make them with vents so they are not hot or uncomfortable. They look great with sport bikes too. Also body armor is a must! with good gloves. Every week i read in the paper about people dying in motorcycle accidents, because they arn't wearing their gear.

    I probably would have been messed up if I didn't wear my full face helmet. I wasn't wearing good gloves and just wore a leather jacket when I wrecked. I broke my hand and cut my side. If I wasn't wearing the full face helmet, i would have probably killed myself, or at least tore my face off in the gravel. They make awesome motorcycle clothing (Joe Rocket is a good brand) that will protect all the joints and soft parts of the body. Also highly reccomend the MSF class. Its only 200 bucks (cheaper for kids under 18) and it will teach all the basics of riding and being a motorcycle rider, stuff you can't learn on your own.

    I wouldnt' stop riding my bike for anything, I love it. But you have to be safe. It makes me a better driver, plus I save the enviornment :) My bike gets about 60 miles per gallon. I get to pass the cars at stop lights (Lane sharing is legal in CA), get to travel in car pool lanes, first one off the line at lights. Plus I get lots of looks from the girlies!

  • kls

    Truthseeker, what kind of bike do you have? Is it true that these Crouch Rockets are faster then an ordinary bike?

  • truthseeker1

    I have a buell blast. Its onlly 500cc and a great beginner bike. Here is a picture:

    Its considered a standart motorcycle.

    The types of street bikes are

    Touring: like a honda goldwing. Older people usually have these bikes, they have sterios, seat warmers, cup warmers, dvd players, massagers, air conditioning. well, some of that stuff I made up, but they are LOADED with extras for comfort. They are great for cross country trips.

    Cruisers: Your typical harley style bike.

    Standard: A generic "motorcycle". Honda nightwings, my buell blast.

    Sport: your preformance bikes, aka Crotch Rockets. These usually be great around corners, high speed and high acceleration.

    Dual sport: Look sorta like a motocross bike, but are street legal. They can go off road and on road.

    Your speed and power depend on the type of bike and the engine size: sport bikes come from 500cc (your minimum w/out a terrible amount of preformance) to the high end 1300cc (hold on and pray to god you get there safely).

  • kls

    to the high end 1300cc (hold on and pray to god you get there safely).

  • Elsewhere
    Please make him wear a full faced helmet.

    This is very important... I once saw a pic on the Internet of a guy who crashed his bike and his chin slid on the pavement. There was nothing left of his chin, mouth, jaw or nose... it was all gone. All that was left was his eyes and his neck with ground-beef in-between.

  • truthseeker1

    Most people will try to stear a new motorcycle rider away from those 1300cc bikes, judging from what I have seen, most new motorcycle riders when they get a sports bike get something from 650-750 range.

  • HappyDad

    I agree with Gerard,

    I was a biker, until one day... well tell him to wear a full-face helmet and wear moto-cross armour below his jacket:

    I was a biker before dubland back in the '60's......gave it up for 4 door cars the next 30+ years and became a biker again a few years ago. I bought a full dress Harley Davidson and had some really great rides. But you have to pay constant attention to everything around you and have sharp reflexes for a lot of drivers who really don't see the bike. I had to brake hard a few times to keep from hitting and getting hit by this type of car driver.

    But last October after a nice ride, the hard braking did not help me. I was just 3 blocks from my home and got broadsided by an 86 year old man who probably should not have been driving anyway. I had the right of way and he had a stop sign. Well, that stop sign didn't keep him from pulling right through and hitting me. I saw him but could not stop fast enough. I flew through the air and that huge motorcycle was totalled.

    That day was cool and I had a helmet on and a leather jacket and gloves. Usually I look like the typical Harley rider with just a t-shirt and sometimes no helmet. PA took the helmet law away one month before my accident. I'm sure glad I wore it that day because I still had a slight concussion.

    Hospital trauma units are not fun at all but at least I have no lasting injuries. His insurance company paid me for the mc and the rest is still in litigation for getting paid for lost work and Dr. bills.

    I have not written this to scare you even more......but the bottom line is.......INSIST that your son take a motorcycle safety course. Completing the course will save him money on insurance. And even though riding without a helmet might look cool......INSIST that he always wear one along with other safety equipment.

    One motorcycle accident was enough to bring me back to the present and not try to live the "Born To Be Wild" and "Easy Rider" life that I had some 35 years ago. I will stick to 4 wheels under me pick-up truck! (but never a 4 door car again)


  • kls

    HappyDad i don't think i can get more scared then i already am and thank goodness you are alright.

    I just called my son at work and asked him about the bike,,,,,,,,It is a HONDA CBR 600 F4I with 599 CC. It makes no sense to me but maybe you guys know what it means and how fast it is. I also told him i want him to wear full body Amour and he said no it is a hassle but he did buy a full face helmet.

  • xjw_b12

    Geez Elsewhere, where's your tact?

    Kls. Perhaps you can ask Steve and Joy about their son (jst2laws & joyzabel) I understand he's laid up with a motorcycle boo-boo.

  • truthseeker1

    Thats the specs and a picture of the bike.

    Wearing a jacket with body armor isn't too much trouble, its just a few seconds of putting on the stuff. They make them with air intakes so you can stay cool in the summer (I wore my jacket all the time in 100 deg weather and stayed fine). It will save on those broken bones.

    This is a great site too:

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