My son bought a Motorcycle and i am so scared.

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  • NOdenial

    As a parent... I too would be worried.

    I am a Harley rider of many years. I have seen what you fear. I endorse good riding training... but let's face it: Young people have little fear and that frequently leads to disaster.

    With this in mind, I would insist that my child view some pictures of some horrific disasters involving motorcycles. (I will not post this link on this thread. It's too graphic. I will send the link to anyone that privately messages me). I would intentionally strike the fear of god in him with these pictures. This is the only thing that I can think of that would work - at least on my kids! (which I did - and it had the effect that I wished. Their unbridled enthusiasm changed to serious respect for the vehicle. They slowed right down.)

    I will say this though: DON'T (I mean this!!) ... DON'T look at the pictures yourself. For obvious reasons, you will have worse fears than you have now. It's hard to view.

    This idea may not be appropriate for your child, nor the way you wish to communicate with him. I respect that. I will leave this to your discretion.

    take care.


  • truthseeker1

    No D. Remember, that only happens to OTHER people, not them...

  • kls

    No D. Remember, that only happens to OTHER people, not them...That is actually what my son would say and think.

  • Gerard

    I just remembered, there are a few "AIR BAG" jackets for bikers. When fully inflated, they are designed to brace a rider's back and neck ? the areas most vulnerable to severe injury in a motorcycle accident

  • myauntfanny

    I'd be petrified. PETRIFIED. But weren't you scared the first time you sent him off to cross the street alone? And the first time he drove alone? He'll probably be fine, 25 is well beyond the suicidally confident teenage years, and you'll get used to it, I bet.

    You've got to try and convince him to wear a helmet though. I read a study a few years ago that found that you are 7 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident if you have no helmet. I don't understand why they aren't required in all states.

  • kls

    Truthseeker, thanks for the link really nice bikes that should stay in the show room.LOL

    Gerard, wow ,i am going to check this out and if he will wear it i will buy it for him.

    Myauntfanny, i know you are right but geez, why couldn't he had just bought a bicycle.

  • Mulan

    We have a friend whose mother was an insurance agent. When he was growing up, there were two things she would never let him do:

    1. Buy or ride on a motorcycle

    2. Play football

  • kls

    Mulan if he lived at home i would forbid it but he is on his own : (

  • Valis

    Hi kls...Just my two cents chiming in..Yes a body suit is a must for riding a crotch rocket. Also if he is smart and you are insistent then he will get full coverage and not just good spill can hose you. When it isn't blazing hot I always wear my leathers and ALWAYS my helmet. Ah and no getting drunk and hitting the road...The motorcycle safety course is also a good thing. Helps lower the insurance as well.


    District Overbeer

  • kls

    Valis that is one big problem he is having is insurance, some will only insure him for liability and others will not insur him at all unless he has had a cycle license for at least seven years. That is what also is telling me how dangerous this kind of cycle is.

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