Did you personally know one of the 144,000?

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  • badboy

    Were there any in your congregation?

  • cruzanheart

    My dad got the "heavenly calling" in 1968, when I was 12, and partook until his death last year. He gave the best Memorial talks of anyone I've ever heard and sincerely believed every word of it. He was one of the "good" elders who would really listen and try to help people, and his reward was that he was royally screwed by the local elders after he proved himself human and made a mistake. Forty years of faithful service was nothing, and they hounded him until he committed suicide, a sad and disillusioned man.


  • badboy


  • jgnat

    Yes, I met one of the Anointed. She is legally blind and carries the large-print watchtower in two large grocery bags. She takes up two seats on either side of her, and whips those books around like a pro in the meetings.

    Of course, being a regular Christian, I believe I have the anointing of the Holy Spirit as a free gift, freely received.

  • minimus

    who's that?

  • morty


    I certainly did...Good old sister Robinson.............Remember her Vic?

    She use to always freak me out the way she stared at us has kids....

    The memorial was also a treat the way she sucked back that wine with a look of I'm specail....

  • Gordy

    We had two in the congregation I was in, thats a few years ago now.

    One was a sister who had been in the Watchtower since the days of Russell she was getting on for a 100 when she died. She left the congregation all her WT books and all the bound volumes from 1879 onwards, plus £7000.

    The other was a brother who had become a JW in 1920's. He never gave any talks or took part in anything during meetings.

  • Jim_TX

    Hmmm... well... long long ago... and far far away... when I was a wee lad...

    The KH that I attended had 3 - yes, 3 - gals that claimed that status. Actually... there was also a fourth - but I do not remember if she was in the KH at the same time as the other 3.

    Interesting though... these three... didn't seem to get along too well... and it was very tense if you were in a room with all of them at the same time.

    Names... hmmm... lemme see.

    Keilman, Miller, and Arnold... and James. She died when I was a kid.

    I remember Keilman - she had one of those territories that she worked all the time. Never turned in the card - never re-checked it - just kept it. I wonder about the people that lived there always seeing this lady - who worked solo - going door to door - in their neighborhood all the time. Sheesh!

    (I was in charge of the territory maps as a teen - and had to walk on eggs around this lady - just to get to 'see' the actual map that she held.)


    Jim TX

  • Margie

    Yes, my grandfather claims to be one of the anointed. He's such a monumental ass, that I find it hard to believe that throughout the last 2000 years, 144,000 worthier people couldn't have been found. My mom's take on it is that maybe having a few a**holes in heaven is part of the divine plan. Go figure.

  • Mutz

    We had a husband and wife who were 'of the annointed' in our cong. The husband died quite a time before the wife and she grew very old and frail. She lived next to the KH and the witnesses rigged up a cable so she could listen to the meetings from the comfort of her own home. From what I gather she didn't hold back from giving the elders a piece of her mind if she thought they were out of line. :)

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