Former JW Conference, October 21-24 in Wenatchee WA.

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  • jst2laws


    Will there be tapes or video available to purchase afterwards?

    Yes, they are in the habit of taping the program. I hope to find how to purchase copies.


    I have a list of motels he has sent. I will scan them and put them up this week-end.


  • StinkyPantz

    Wow.. this sounds awesome. I'd love to see Alan debate!

  • Joyzabel


  • Amazing1914

    I will be there ... debating Jim Penton ... should be fascinating. - Jim Whitney

  • jst2laws

    Just an update on the Wenatchee conference,

    Below you will find a map locating the conference. It is being hosted by the Church of God located at 1835 North Western.

    For those interested this site provides several hotels and rates. For those on a budget Richard Rawe has noted that the Canna Motel has been totally reconditioned and is $35 a night. (509-246-0703 or 509-546-1917) for more hotels

    Starts Thursday at 9:00 am


  • drwtsn32

    Thanks for the reminder. I'll be there for Sunday afternoon! :)

  • Joyzabel


  • Mulan

    Jst2laws and Bruce Baker were both just great! They really stirred things up and talked about things most who were there had never thought about before.

    AlanF gave a very interesting presentation on geology and an interesting dinosaur finding. Really excellent.

    Barb Anderson spoke about the Bill of Rights and legal things relating to WTS cases. Also very, very good.

    Amazing and Jim Penton did a debate on whether Christians should go to war. Didn't change my mind (I'm kind of in the middle and saw both points of view), but it was well done.

    The other parts were pretty hard to sit through (too fundamentalist for us), and Joy and I ducked out to go to the Mall one day, and I went to Starbucks alone one day. We came home two days early and we had a great time, here in Seattle for two days.

    I just got home from taking Joy and Steve to the airport for their trip home.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    I was disappointed to miss Jst2laws' and AlanF's talks on Friday!! But I did catch Dr. Temple's presentation on Dinosaurs and a Cougar - it was cute and informative. I had to leave before the Friday evening program due to my 1200+ mile drive home but I did really enjoy meeting and talking to Alan F. and Jim Penton! Both very interesting and modest men - it was a privilege to meet them.

    I hope to be able to catch more of the next conference program if I can.

  • Mulan
    But I did catch Dr. Temple's presentation on Dinosaurs and a Cougar - it was cute and informative.

    We saw that one too. It was cute, and kind of surprising in many ways, I thought.

    I still wonder how those ancient civilations, right up to fairly modern times (Middle Ages and 1700's) had drawings and stone carvings of dinosaurs.

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