My mom smuggled a NWT into my house!

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  • marcosgarcia

    Here is my two cents. If it bothers you and obviously it does or you would not have posted, then buy your little one a different mini book and sit down and read it with her. Make it special. You know this is exactly what grandma did when she gave it to her. Now you have to undo that, but it is an easy chore because the little person loves you, you have constant contact with her and you are the world to her. She will forget all about the other book and you can lose it.

    As for mom, well she knew what she was doing and she got your goat. She is your mom and knows how to get you to react. Now you need to unload. Why? Because if you let the little things slide ? you know there will be a lot more of these ?little things? ? they will build up into a BIG THING and you will pop! (I have been there) So here is my suggestion to get it off your chest. Don?t say anything to mom, I mean absolutely nothing. What mom wants is for you to bring it up so she can save you! So you can finally AWAKE! She put the magazine there for a reason. To get to YOU. She is probably so proud of herself and thinks she did such a great thing. She is waiting for you to call and discuss it all. Your choice to not discuss it will bother her, as much as finding the magazine bothered you. Of course you continue to talk to mom because she is your mom and you are her daughter and you love each other. If she questions you about it, take a deep breath and change the topic. if she insists then tell her thanks but no thanks and end of that discussion and change the topic. If she persists tell her ya gotta run your daughter spilled her juice and talk with her later about mom daughter things.

  • Odrade

    ooh, good answer guys. How could I possibly have forgotten about the other books. They can scare the bejeezus out of a kid--especially a two year old one. Probably why she was so good at the meeting, she spent two hours staring at pictures of destroyed people, Jonah, and Jezebel at the Kingdom Hall. Bleah. Yeah, the mini-Bible is probably harmless... no pics, easily replaced. But if she's feeding her these books too, well, just wrong.


  • CeriseRose

    My fiance, who is "deliciously irreverent" when it comes to religion has a suggestion, especially if your Mom is going to see your daughter and her 'elvis' in the future.

    Take the cover off the NWT, throw out (or otherwise dispose) of the contents, and then replace it with a copy of Darwin's Origin of the Species. Your daughter has her 'elvis', you have peace of mind, and your Mom just might get the message if she ever sees it again.


  • Country_Woman

    Some work:

    Take the cover off the NWT, throw out (or otherwise dispose) of the contents, and then replace it with a copy of Darwin's Origin of the Species. Your daughter has her 'elvis', you have peace of mind, and your Mom just might get the message if she ever sees it again.

    but I surely like it

  • Elsewhere

    lol... the "elvis" name keeps making me chuckle... where did that come from?

  • blondie

    The final fact is, you the parent only, only have the right to choose your child's reading material, movies, tv shows, video games, etc., etc.

    I would tell my mother, that a repeat would mean never seeing her grandchild without your supervision, if that.

    You have no idea what she is telling her when you are not there, and little children can be conditioned very young. The WTS likes to point to Samuel and how he was only five (5) when his parents left him at the temple.

    She disrespected your parental rights, simple.

    Stand up now before you daughter gets any older. I would substitute "elvis" with a similar sized Bible translation.

    I know a sister who was reading the Bible Story book to her non-JW grandchildren when they visited knowing that their parents did not want it. Well, of course the children revealed it although being encouraged to conceal it. That was almost the last day she ever saw them. All 4 of her children and their spouses confronted her together (in a nice way) and explained how she had violated her agreement with them, lied, and then encouraged their children to lie to their parents. She was told that one repeat with any grandchild would mean never seeing the grandchildren again. Of course, the sister told others in the KH and that she was geing persecuted, that she only wanted them to live in the Paradise. I told her what kind of paradise was she teaching to them where children were taught to lie to their parents...she did finally see that she had to play it by the parents rules or not see the grandchildren.

    Now's the time to take a stand and stick with it.


  • reganashe

    Thanks again! I guess this is a big deal for me I just never have felt comfortable confronting my mom like that, but I guess this is a good time to start. I will be visiting her this coming up weekend. Luckly she wont have the opportunity to take little one to meetings. I will simiply put the bible back at my moms house. Out of their sight and my daughters and leave it there. Once I leave and she finds it I think she will have gotten the point. Honestly my mom scares the shit out of me. No one in this world can make me feel as horrible as my mother can. It makes me just nervous to think about it.


  • reganashe
  • Netty

    Having one just about that age too, I can tell you they do forget about things very easily when something better comes along. I agree with the just replace it idea. Take the Elvis and hide it, when she asks for it say you cant find it but then, get her something better, with a pretty picture on the front or something, and she will probably forget about her little elvis.

  • Valis

    give that girl some water colors, markers, crayons, glue, glitter and a crap load of holiday sticker for her Elvis...I'm sure he would appreciate a little bling bling..


    District Overbeer

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