My mom smuggled a NWT into my house!

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  • reganashe

    I went to visit some friends in San Diego and my little one (2 1/2) stayed the night at my moms house so she could visit with grandma. Well when I picked her up she told me that she had taken her to "meeting" and that she had been a very good girl. Well I didnt want to make a big deal about taking her to meeting because I really needed some grown up time and it was nice for my mom to offer to take my daughter for the night. SO any ways I drive all the way back to AZ. When I go to unpack my daughters back. There it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the bottom of the bag a little pocket sized NWT. I opened it up and it was mine and written on the inside page was We Love You Jasmin!. Well any ways my daughter saw it and freaked out because she wanted her "book". I asked her what is was and she told me it's her Elvis! So now my daughter runs around the house with her "Elvis" I'm kinda upset that my mom sent that home with her, but I dont know what to do about it. She doesn't even live in the same state should I stress about it.


  • Odrade

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about it, although it's a little insulting that she took your daughter to the meeting without permission. But the child is only 2-1/2, she probably enjoyed the attention, and one meeting in another state with Grandma won't warp her for life.

    As for the NWT, it's just a book at this point, since she can't read. And the little mini-bibles are really fun for the kids--they're "just their size." Just let her drag it around till she forgets about it, then "lose" it. Or better yet, go down to the christian book store and buy her another little mini-bible with some pretty pictures in the center and "trade" her for it. (Cause I understand how having your 2 y.o. dragging around the JW bible would kind of creep you out.


  • bebu

    From what I've been reading here, little kids should NOT go to the meeting if their parents can do anything to prevent it. Maybe you should find someone else to take care of her for overnight. I don't think your mom will be able to (from her conscience) refrain from working on your little girl when she's in your mom's care. I'd stick around to monitor visits.

    Because that book likely doesn't have pictures that are very interesting to 2 1/2 year olds, it will not be too long before she loses interest in it. Remove it then. Maybe find a good storybook with good messages in it, and interesting pictures.


  • Elsewhere

    Perhaps write a letter to your mom and remind her that it is a parents right to raise their children in a religion of their choosing and that parents are also guaranteed the right to NOT have anyone interfere with this upbringing. (You may want to remind her that this is one of the types of rights that the WTS has fought for in the courts).

    Tell her that she is welcome to see her granddaughter on the condition that she NEVER bring up anything related to religion with the child. Remind her that children tend to talk, so you WILL find out about it if she does. Then add that if you ever find out that she is trying to get your daughter to keep secrets from you that she will never see her granddaughter again.

  • SixofNine

    A bible named Elvis is just about the coolest thing I've ever heard of.

  • kls

    I'm with Elsewhere on this, she is not the parent.

  • reganashe

    Thanks guys!

    I guys Im just going to let it slide at this time. My mom lives in another state so I dont have to stress about to often. I'm sure that she will lose the bible soon. She loses everything.

    I thought a bible named elvis was pretty cool too!

  • jgnat

    Hey, I am not allowed to give my granddaughter anything with Aspartame in it. My daughter established her authority very early, and I learned quickly to respect it.

    She used "no visits" threat on me. It worked.

  • shamus

    I would be worried that she is taking your little one to meetings. Yes, let it slide, but she is exposed to propaganda like this:

    I wouldn't call it harmless. It's from the 'learn fromt he great teacher' book. Pretty disturbing.

    But again, letting it slide is ok. Next time you drop her off at grandma's, tell her NO MORE MEETINGS, no more BOOKS, thanks but no thanks.

  • shamus

    Sorry;didn't mean to sound so authoritative.

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