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  • Carmel

    I have two patents in US and Canada for a defice and method of planting salmon eggs into streambeds with minimal mortalities. Just filing a patent for an incubation system that uses recycled, temperature controled, filtered water for salmon eggs.. carmel

  • Markfromcali
    I finally invented myself.

    Who's the one that invented this self?

  • Erich
  • funkyderek


    I invented an orgasmatron but it's still in the testing phase and I need female volunteers.

    If you could find female volunteers, you wouldn't need an "orgasmatron"

  • ballistic
    If you could find female volunteers, you wouldn't need an "orgasmatron"

    Or if female volunteers could find me...

  • seven006

    I designed (invented) a higher strength lighter weight coiled airbrush tubing for air brush artist.

    I CO-formulated the first fluid airbrush paint (com-art paint) in both opaque and transparent for use in the airbrush and is still in use today.

    I CO-designed the Iwata HP-BC airbrush.

    I designed three oak easels for Martin Universal Design.

    I invented an over spray eliminator for us in cleaning airbrushes without over spray filling the room when you clean the brush.

    I invented the first desk top over spray suction filter for use in airbrush painting. This lead to the invention of the portable spray booth used for spraying Spray mount aerosol adhesive.

    I invented a cloths hanger that dried hand washed garments and made them dry in one quater the time, without stretching them out, and without leaving little bumps on the shoulders.

    I invented a pneumatic suction and switching valve for use in spray equipment.

    I developed an Internet web game that sent people to advertisers sites and had them read the whole site looking for the answer to a clue. It has 5 different revenue elements to each question and was attached to a TV game show.

    I developed a teaching system to quickly teach Wacom tablet users to develop coordination between the pad, the pen, and their computer monitor.

    That's all I can remember right now.


  • Erich

    seven 006

    Congratulations. And how many millions did you made with these inventions?

    E. (an insider;-)

  • Erich


  • Erich


    your patents are




  • Bryan

    I live the belief that anything is possible. It only needs to be discovered.

    I invented what I called an Electro Magnetic Power Generator. I used one 1.5 volt AA battery and created 30 volts. The problem was the real power was missing. I couldn't get the amps up. We have been moving around the country for the last 4 years. It's been in storage since.


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