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  • Markfromcali

    Just curious, has anyone out there invented anything? Even if it's a small thing, tell us about it.

  • gumby

    Hi Mark,

    I tried and never finished several things.......well......3 things.

    I built prototypes for all 3 and that's as far as it went. I heard that only about 5% of people carry out their invention to the end.

    I made a carpet seaming iron that was to run on propane for when there is no electricity.

    I made a machine that would take up rubber off the floor where gluedown rubberback carpet was present.

    I made small conveyer/machine that could produce cement roof tiles.

    I never completed the prototype except the carpet remover machine as I never "counted my cost" ) My friend and partner actually 'made' the machines/tool as he was better at it than myself.

    It takes time and money to pull off inventions...but worth it if you can carry it out.


  • ballistic

    I invented an orgasmatron but it's still in the testing phase and I need female volunteers.

  • Nosferatu

    I've worked on a few things in my past. When I was a teenager, I was working on a remote controlled curtain opener. It was pretty much functional, but I didn't have a remote control to work with.

    I also made myself a high speed cassette rewinder. The thing would wind a 90 minute cassette from beginning to end in about 20 seconds. However, If I didn't stop it before it got to the then, it would bust the tape :)

    When I was in dyer need of an alarm clock, I made one from an old betamax VCR and an old video game. All you had to do was set the record timer. The bad thing about it is I began turning the thing off in my sleep!

    I also converted an old answering machine into a tape recorder that recorded phone conversations. I got a lot of use out of that one!

    At work, I've built many circuit board testers.

    It's hard to remember half the crap that I've invented. Those are the pretty major ones though.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I invented the greatest invention ever, the written word. Oh wait!! That wasnt me

  • kls

    There is one thing that i have been trying to work on but it takes alot of science and that is one big weakness. But my grandfather invented the circuit breakers and you would think my family would be wealthy. NOT

  • Mulan

    I have had some ideas but never did anything about it.

    When I was a child, my mother bought nylons, of course. They were single legs and not stretchy, so had to be bought in your sock size. I wore tights all the time, and told Mom that we should invent nylons that are like tights. She laughed and said they couldn't do that, because it would be too expensive to make them in all the sock sizes.

    By the time I was in high school, they had panty hose. I should have done something about it.

  • Terry

    I finally invented myself.

  • Jim_TX

    Well... 'invention' is - or could be - a broad term to use.

    When my daughter was about 2 - she had outgrown the baby crib. I asked the wifey what was the next bed that she would get for the daughter. I was told that a single-sized bed was the only thing available.

    I thought that was ridiculous, and asked if I could 'borrow' a set of babybed springs that the wife had - that were extras. I took that set of springs, and built a small single-sized baby bed arount it.

    It was pretty cool. It had a headboard, and a footboard, and was adjustable in height - so that it could be raised or lowered to the height of the child. I painted it light blue, and put a 'K' on the footboard - the first initial of my daughter. I used those bookshelf brackets and drilled holes into them and attached them to the bedsprings.

    I also used round drawer pulls, and put one on each corner - like bedposts.

    She used that bed... well, until she got big enough to use a regular-sized single bed.

    We then took the small bed apart and stored it - I suppose my daughter will use it for her children... or that was the theory...


    Befire that - when I was a teenager (in the 70's)... I was always making LED flashing lights... and had them where they would flash for 6 months to a year on a single battery. I was still living at home - and the rest of my family was very negative... "Who will buy that?" "What happens when the battery goes dead?"

    So - I didn't pursue that. Guess what is popular today?


    Oh - I also around the same time (in 1973 or so) made a telephone intercom system at home. I ran my own phone wiring, and bought my own telephones - used ones - from Radio Shack. It worked pretty neat - when one phone was picked up - the other one rang - until it was answered. Then the two people could talk.

    Back then... in the 70's - phones were still considered 'black box' technology by the telephone company, so getting information on how they worked was difficult - and a lot of guesswork.

    Oh - I never got so much as a 'thank you' for putting that in... and took it with me when I left home. *grin*


    Let's see... I have done many other 'inventions'... as necessary... and recently have begun work on my latest 'invention' - a solar-charged - battery-powered Hi-intensity LED lamp - for inside lighting. I am still working on that one... currently have parts on order... should be making more progress on it shortly.

    I intend to market this idea.

    I'm not even listening to 'nay-sayers'. Not this time.

    I come by my 'inventiveness' honestly... my grandfather was an inventor. He invented two things that I know of... and was well liked in his community.


    Jim TX

  • NOdenial

    I invented and patented a system for drying out wall cavities and sheetrock that has been damaged through a water intrusion.

    The patenting process cost about 10 grand US funds. However, that is just the beginning of trying to make money with a unique idea. Now you have to have a marketing plan and more money to let the world know what you made! I didn't have the marketing money so it sat on a shelf.

    That was 6 years ago.

    I'm still waiting for that million dollars to come in. LOL

    What really amazes me is that all the competition needs to do is change your idea 10%... and now your patent is no longer defendable. That sucks!~! What I would do next time is just make the goddam machine, and spend the 10 grand marketing the idea to the world. Flood the market with your product and make some $$$. Patent it later! You will always have intellectual rights cuz you were the first person with the system.

    But that is just my thoughts.


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