I went to the assembly today, fun!

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  • bisous

    confused - have you heard from SCGuy? I pm'd him, no response and have been wondering about him for ages...is he okay? *sorry to hijack thread*

  • jwbot

    Ok Sixof Nine, What would YOUR family do if they came to this site?

  • teejay

    Hi jwbot. Been a while.

    I looked at this thread a while ago. It made me smile. I have very fond memories of the assemblies. Always will. You have a nice looking family and your friends appear to be fun-loving people anyone would enjoy hanging out with.

    At first I thought Six had a point. But my memory wasn't very good. I went back to see your commentary and saw that you didn't poke fun at your family or disrespect them in any way. Just the opposite. I don't think they'd be bothered at all if they happened to see this thread.

    Just my opinion.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Hi there jwbot,

    Just wanted to say 'great photos'. I think family are everything and it looks like you've got a great family!


  • SixofNine

    What would your family do, JWbot? I asked first ;-) As I said, it's your life and your family. This just seems counterproductive to what you've previously indicated you want. But you know your family far better than I do. Mine would be betrayed.

  • Valis

    removed because I sounded like an arse...My apologies all round.


    District Overbeer

  • Sassy

    Jwbot, I'm glad your experience was ok.. I am sure if I went, I would not feel the same.. actually your pictures partially give me feelings of anxiety..

    Sixy does make a good point.. you might think that no one will know or come on this board, but you'd be surprised how people end up here.. ask Chevys.. her mom recently put her name in a google search and found her posts here..

    you never know.. it is just up to you if you are comfortable having them find out you posted their pictures.

  • bikerchic

    Wow jwbot seeing those assembly pics really brought back some memories for me! I'm really glad that I don't ever have to sit through another boring assembly again.........yet I do miss the family being all together as we used to basically have family reunions at assembly time.

    I sorta wondered about posting their pictures also. I mean I just yesterday edited out some names of one poster's family because it does infringe on their privacy. This isn't exactly the place your family would want their pictures to be posted on an Apostate web site. Out of respect for their beliefs and privacy I wouldn't have done that to my family. It might be considered invading their privacy in #9 of the guidelines below.

    And on that note I think I'll ask in Admins about it, just to be safe for you and them.


  • confusedjw

    Haven't heard from SC_Guy for a long time.

  • jwbot

    gee Valis, thanks a lot. I can see what you are implying there.

    Well screw you, you don't know me.

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