I went to the assembly today, fun!

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  • jwbot

    Ok, Mike and I went to the circuit assembly today at the MCA at the University of Maine (where I go to school). We made it through the first half and it went faster than I thought.

    This is me and my friend Jenn (another ex-jw) the night before the assembly at 10:30pm getting drunk before heading out to the bar where we got REALLY drunk and danced and had a great time. Needless to say, I had the worst hang-over for the assembly...hehe (oh and I did not shower and I wore the same shirt)

    When Mike and I got there, we got the "love bomb". We did not sit with the family because there were no more seats left but I wanted to sit in the back anyway. Everyone talked to me, and Johnna (the crazy one) actually talked to me!! I was very nervous about that. My other sister Jenn made me feel very comfortable.

    Here is the inside of the place during the first talk. Mike and I sat in the very last row in the middle. We had two little girls on both sides who stared at us a lot. At one point, the girl beside me was picking her toes and something came flying at me. We did not have any books and did not stand for either the song or prayer and of course wispered through the whole thing. Mike was so weirded out by the "this world will end and the people will be destroyed" prayer. The fear-based God is an odd concept to him.

    This is most of my family members on the stage. From left to right: Daryl B. and Paul M. both from the Milo congregation, my parents congregation. Milo was representing!! Then there is Jared my brother, then James my brother in law, then my mom and Stephanie who was a good friend of mine and who is one of the sweetest people I know.

    My brother-in-law James giving his talk.

    My sister in the second rown, Jennifer, she is video taping James giving his talk. How cute! You can see Johnna in the row behind her too, she is the crazy one.

    My brother Jared giving the bible reading. He did very well.

    My mom and Stephanie giving their talk.

    Why, this is me trying to take in the spiritual food! Notice the evil man looking at us (to the right of my eyebrow). He must not have been paying attention to the fine spiritual food.

    This is Mike attempting to blend in with the crowd. Notice the glaze over the eyes and the mouth agape (waiting to recieve spiritual food no doubt).

    Hehe, Mike took this picture. There were several young adults in front of us, doodling, playing with transformers. I thought about asking them if they wanted to go to the pub with us.

    Me, mom, dad and Jared. My head is huge, wtf? My dad is looking like an old man, I am not sure when that happened. I have been missing their lives.

    My beautiful sister and her fmaily. Mike and I headed out to find them because they were eating lunch in their car. We had a great discussion and I felt very welcome by them and they seemed sincere. Jenn and I exchanged emails and we promised to email each other. I am very worried about her though, her and Johnna have very low self esteem and are both anorexic. Jenn looked to be about 130 lbs and Johnna possibly less...they used to be like me (size 10).

    Well aside from my worries about the women of the family, seems everyone is doing well.

  • Mulan

    great pictures................sounds like you have a nice family, who accept you. That is the best!!

  • jwbot

    Mulan: they are slowly heading in that direction. My mom was noticably very happy I was there. My sister Johnna made a good effort to talk to me (she was the one that had ignored me so bluntly) and Jenn who was never ever mean to me was awesome as usual, but more so.

    I have to also keep in mind that even though the love bomb is great...it does not last. :( But I really think my family was sincere.

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    That looks like fun!

    I've always wanted to go back to an assembly or convention. I'm too paranoid, though.

  • AuntieJane

    Thanks for the great pics and comments! Having never been a JW and never had the opportu misfortune

    to attend an assembly, I really appreciate your post. And I'm glad you are keeping more in touch w.

    family, no matter their beliefs; that is great!

  • kwintestal

    You are braver then I! My family would eat me alive if I went to another one. It would be that "OH, he's comming back!" reaction. Glad your family welcomed you.


  • gumby

    Just lookin at those pictures brought back dub life memories and I just remembered how damn glad I'm out. Sweet faces in a morgue is what it reminds me of. Same o' same o'

    Thanks for sharing this with us....your a hoot!


  • shotgun

    Me too Gumb

    jwbot, I think you could take those pictures and compare them with thousands of other pictures taken at conventions this summer and not tell them apart too much. They will say that's because it's Jehovah's organization but in fact it's because they're schooled on how to dress and act.

    Nice looking family btw

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Great pix, jwbot. Would your brother's name happen to be Jared Bot? hehehe Thanks for sharin em!

    Country Wee Sweet Lass

  • jwbot

    Everytime a baby cried, Mike would say "I know how you feel kid".

    It was actually a very fun time because Mike and I entertained each other. It could have sucked royally if Mike hadn't beent there.

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