Do yall like KFC?

by Frannie Banannie 45 Replies latest social current

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie You gotta see the video! Frannie B

  • RR

    And I'm suppose to give up chicken because of that? Yeah right!


  • orbison11

    well pamela lee anderson has boycotted kfc due to this:)


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    RR, the choice is yours. I just presented the evidence as I found it.


  • DanTheMan

    No more KFC for me

  • dh

    i remember the same sort of documentaries about mcdonalds 10 years ago, video footage of cruelty to cows, but it doesn't make a scrap of difference, they are global brands and can get away with it. the world is cruel, but being cruel to chickens or cows won't stop me eating at kfc or mcdonalds when i feel like it, we grow these animals as food, that is their function in the world we have created, the whole picture is wrong.

  • FMZ

    Yep, animal cruelty sucks.

    But... until KFC makes it company policy to abuse these chickens, then I will view this site as concentrating on a few senseless idiots who get their rocks off by choking chickens...

    No pun intended. Oh, who am I kidding? But still, joking aside, that is my opinion.


  • bull01lay

    Just because they're raised for food doesn't mean they can be tortured like that!


  • myauntfanny

    It's not just KFC, it's all of them. The animals are tortured, and the people who process the animals are tortured too (although not outright strangled). And it's all desperately unhygeinic and bad for you after they get done torturing everyone involved. After I read Fast Food Nation I knew I would have to make a decision to either forget it or never touch any meat again. But then after I read No Logo I realised I would also have to give up practically everything else. I gave up worrying about it. I hardly ever boycott anything, unless it's an immediate pressing issue. But KFC isn't difficult for me to boycott because I find their food truly loathsome.

  • bisous

    It isn't that difficult to find and purchase meats that are produced in a humane manner. Fast food purveyors are the biggest offenders as they either produce themselves for the cheapest possible amount or source from corporate farms who use the same cruel practices.

    Buy your meats from local producers who certify organic and submit to regular inspections, etc. to document compliance. This goes the same for egg and milk producers also. Production of these items can also be inhumane in the corporate factory environments.

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