When you read what else are you doing?

by Panda 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • little1

    I drink tea-Lipton with milk and sugar- and listen to Jazz-the soothing stuff like Chris Botti and Keiko Matsui.

  • Dan-O

    When I'm reading? As in reading stuff here? or as in reading a book or a magazine? Because if it's the latter, I'm usually reading in the bathroom. I'll leave to your imagination the details of what else I'm doing.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Reading a book? I'm in the tub. These days that seems to be the only place I can read a book.

    Reading on the puter. Well if I am in the house alone - quiet or classical music. When hubby is home he always has the TV on and once it is on it stays on even after he goes to bed so by then I am ignoring the TV

    And to make my life just a tad more insane when I am reading the forums I am usually also reading the archives and working on the Best of threads so while I read - I read

  • carefully faded
    carefully faded

    Me too Lady Lee - a steaming hot bath and a good book . . . oh yeah!

    - CF

  • bem

    When I'm reading on the forum I'm concentrating <sorta) always with ice tea nearby.

    When reading books and such. always doing a few things at a time.waiting on laundry,drying painted fingure nails,listening to music usually all at the same time

  • qwerty
    So what do you do while you read?

    Getting distracted by evrything else going on around me! I've never been able to concentrate, probably why my spelling is so bad.


  • glitter

    I always read in the bath - as in I'll stay in there for hours and finish a novel.

    The only down-side is books getting wavy and fanned from the moisture in the air - occasionally library books: eep!

  • patio34

    Me too---I always read a book in the tub and have some wavy ones that got some water on them.

    But one thing I do that a few others do, but I often get comments from people, is read a novel while I walk. Especially on breaks at work do people know that I'll be reading. I started it as a reward for walking/exercising that I get to read.

    If I ever trip and fall, I won't tell anyone I was reading a book too. But I've done it for at least 10 years and haven't fallen yet.

    My all-time favorite for reading a good book is curled up on the sofa with hot coffee or hot chocolate, an afghan, and have it pouring down rain outside. One day I was home sick last winter and it was pouring rain and I spent the day reading. It was great.


  • Country_Woman


    Just reading.

    My family used tu say that when a bom explode behind my chair - I should ask after a quarter

    "Hey what was that ?"

    Reading a good book means to me that I am lost for the world.

    else, I put everything in my mouth what is "under my hands" salty sweet or nuts............

  • Panda

    WOW this is interesting. I had no idea so many people read in the tub! And you never drop your book in the water? I'm impressed.

    Since I live in the overheated south I must admit I have the AC down low... A comfort factor with me. I also like to sit at the table to read...I think I concentrate better.

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