How Many Hours Do You Work?

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  • OICU8it2

    I work four straight ten hour days, 7AM to 5PM. Usually 10 hours O.T. (time and one half) on the fifth day.

  • CountryGuy

    Officially, my hours are from 8am - 5pm. However, depending on traffic, I usually get there around 7:30am and don't leave until 6pm. We get one hour for lunch, which I rarely take because I carpool and don't usually have a way to leave. (I'd rather eat at my desk than in the lunchroom.) I usually work 4-5 hours on Saturday at least two Saturday's a month.

    However, my pay, and bonus potential, are very much worth it. Not to mention 18 days of personal time a year (vacation and sick time). And almost all major holidays off with pay. That includes not only Thanksgiving but the day after as well, and Christmas Eve and Christmas.


  • Carmel

    What's WORK?


  • Simon

    About 40 hours a week regular job (9-5'ish) and then I can easily do another 10-20 hours on my own stuff.

    Holidays? Unpaid ... so I try not to take too many (it seems like they cost you double 'cause you have to pay for the holiday and don't earn while you are away).

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Normally I work a 72 hr week, 6 12hr shifts, then 2 nites off.

    Frannie B

  • dh

    i don't work set hours really, so i don't feel the difference between work and not work, week or weekend, it's all mushed together. sort of like being on call, no matter what time or day it is, i never switch off.

  • zev

    i work between 40- 53 depending on if its the week i work one saturday a month.

    7:30 -5 hour for lunch.

  • squinks

    Job 1: 6:30-3

    Job 2: 4:30-6:30 and Saturday half day, sometimes Sunday for an hour or two and weeknights sometimes until 9 or 10 pm

    vacation-no job one in summer

  • Sirona


    20 days hols

  • confusedjw

    Until the work is done - and it isn't done yet. (but I do take time off for my kids)

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