Ever met high ranking JW and felt uneasy

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  • Elsewhere
    She was wearing a huge diamond ring - which I could'nt miss - she told me she got it from her spouse.

    I was wondering how on earth he could affort it - since he was a Betheliet - but hey, his clothes were expensive - his car was like a Mercedes - so obvious, Bethel is paying very well.

    Sounds like someone who was wealthy and "retired" young into bethel work.

  • seattleniceguy

    I've heard GB members speak on several occasions, and they always seemed cold and arrogant.

    I was at the International Convention in Long Beach last summer and heard Ted Jaracz speak a couple times. He had sort of an angry way about him, and he kept speaking over his interpreter. I mean, the interpreter would still be talking, not even close to finishing, and Jaracz would just dive right in again. After a few minutes it got to be so bad it was embarrassing.

    At the time I thought the insensitivity and coldness must just be because of being so busy. But really, shouldn't the spiritual leaders of God's chosen people (tm) be models of warmth and compassion? You'd think they'd be the most down-to-earth, approachable men you'd ever seen. Instead, they just seemed like crotchety old bastards.


  • cyber-sista
    Of course of an intellectual level I don't believe it, but on a gut level I related to the story.

    I must clarify my words, just in case someone misinterprets what I said. Cyber-sista does not believe the lizard story either. Just that it creaped me out in the same way that the WT leaders creaped me out on a gut level. Some of them seemed cold like lizards, but that is as far as it goes. Anyway, just defending my reputation here. The woman in this story was probably going through some major mental stress and sometimes under those conditions the mind will interpret feelings into reality (she felt these men were as cold as lizards therefore started to see them like that). Read some of Franniebananies stories--she had this happen to her.

  • DaCheech

    i met Pat LaFranca and he's got a fake smile on his face all the time

  • RR

    I hung out at Bethel quite a bit and met most of the GB members there, I didn't treat them any better than I would treat anyone else.


  • DaCheech

    C'mon RR, you did not give those bethellites the little envelope (stuffed)?

    We must live 10 miles from each other?

  • ballistic

    The bottom line is, if those lizards were so clever, no one would have any idea they existed.

  • larc

    I had two experiences that really bothered me. I went to a convention in New York and went to session that was about applying to Bethel. There were about 30 of us there. The brother in charge was real nasty. He sounded more like a Marine drill instructor, that a loving brother. The next experience was when I went to Bethel to visit a friend. I was standing in the area before you get something to eat. I guess I was standing in this elderly gentleman's way. Well, he was not a gentle man, and did not act kindly towards me. He snarled at me and told me to move.

  • ozziepost
    He snarled at me and told me to move.

    So why were you standing in his way???

    actually it does sound like bethel.

  • Odrade

    Okay, would it be a total conflict of interests to post on this thread?


    ROTFL!!! I grew up around the "power hitters" as it were, so I didn't even realize I was meant to be intimidated by these men until a few years ago. I guess because of my ignorance (yeah, let's call it that) I saw a different side of these guys. In some ways, it kind of held me in the Org even after I started to get disillusioned. You see, I saw the normal, human side of some of the top guys... sitting chatting over coffee and dessert, stopping by their homes/rooms, attending little social events, going up to their private offices for a visit when at Bethel. I really had no clue about "how the other half lives." They probably can't see it themselves... probably a bit like the upper class in the last century rarely saw the servants as real people.

    Of course, all of that changed when I got older and didn't have the "in" of being ********'s daughter. I still wasn't intimidated by them, I didn't know I was supposed to be, but certainly wasn't an "insider" anymore. It's a strange feeling.


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