Ever met high ranking JW and felt uneasy

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    Devils Advocate

    I for one believe this poor woman. In fact, I saw lizard people on several occasions! The last time being when I was a teenager! Me and two JW friends would get stoned in their bedroom that overlooked an overgrown weed garden in the backyard. We'd sit on old bound volumes of watchtower magazines because their dad, who was an elder, felt that since nowher in the bible does it mention chairs then it was most likely against Jehovah's divine will for our backsides to reside in worldly comfort. We had to drink out of clay cups too, made from the mud outside the window and baked in an EZ-bake oven, but that's another story. I digress... You see, at the time, we were smoking some really high grade Columbian. It was the kind of stuff that made contemplating lint on a lightbulb a deeply philosophical event. That day we were singing kingdom songs and using yellow markers to underline the answers in the next week's WT and smoking this wonderful stuff, when out of the blue my buddie's sleeping bag started to vibrate and the hair on our heads stood on end. Ina flash, the late Nathan Knorr floated down from the ceiing, right before our eyes -- arms extended and his legs bicycling wildly in the air. His fingers were long and scaly and dripped of cherry-vanilla yogurt and his suit had a reduced price tag hanging from the lapel. His hair was slicked back and smelled of Crisco and his eyes were reptillian. His tongue darted in and out of his mouth like a serpent. He was right freaky looking and I kept wondering how he could take up so little space in such a small room and, how we were going to explain away the hole this most reverent dude had made in the ceiling. Well, ol' spooky Knoor got real close to us and we could smell the fire and brimstone on his breath. He was quite a sight to behold and I admit I wanted to have a kodak moment but knew I couldnt even find the door, let alone my buddy's polaroid instamatic. So I just sat there, watching Brother Knorr hover closer and closer until, like a thundercloud in a quiet meadow, he said, "Underline only the good stuff, me buckos -- only the good stuff!" And then he grinned this horrible, grotesque grin and laughed a laugh befitting Old Hickory himself, and he was off! Back through the hole in the ceiling he went, leaving only a cloud of smoke and a smell of sulphur. That was the last time I smoked anything foreign and I even changed from yellow marker to purple. I've not seen Brother Knorr since, thank god.

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  • czarofmischief
    And then he grinned this horrible, grotesque grin and laughed a laugh befitting Old Hickory himself,

    Wasn't Old Hickory Andrew Jackson? I think perhaps you mean Old Scratch? Although Andy was a bastard; and he reminds me of my father-in-law.

    I sometimes think I'm reptilian. It's the eggs that tipped me off. also the way 666 and 13 keep popping up as significant numbers in my life.

    I once heard Jaracz give a talk. Very boring and unappealing. It was like he didn't care, and didn't care if we cared.


  • trumangirl

    LOLOLOL Leola! i'm gonna keep that one!

    The nicest DO couple in NZ, he did lovely talks, but we found out later he dropped out because he lost faith in 1914! There was another nice old DO who used to make us re-sing the songs at the assemblies if we sang them too quiet the first time! Sounds bad, but we didn't mind cos his talks were so warm and he told us lots of experiences instead of berating us.

    On the other hand, I have felt the freeeeeeze of trying to have a conversation with CO's wives and getting an uninterested response. I'd say something that would make most women smile or comment on, but with the CO's wives it was like talking to stone! They live such miserable lives.

    Then there was the slick-talking DO couple who met my husband and daughter in the street once, with the CO and his wife too whom we knew already. My 10 year-old daughter said she didn't like him cos he shook her hand really hard.


  • BluesBrother

    Ok I had to log on quick at a work terminal and add this story. When I was perhaps mid teens our congo arranged a weekend visit from a Bethel brother, he would come Saturday, give a Saturday evening talk, and be with us Sunday then do the public talk. This time John (Jack) Barr was the man.He was well known in the UK. Sunday morning at our Field ministry group and he was present. Our regular guy conducted and, guess what? He paired up the great man with Me! We spent about an hour on the ministry and I have to say that Jack Barr was one of the nicest, most approachable and friendly people one could wish to meet. Some months later I saw him in the stand at a Twickenham assembly and he even remembered me. A little while after that, it was announced that he was leaving the London Bethel to take an appointment on the Governing Body. at the time I was impressed to think that such an unassuming man could 'get to the top' of that organisation. Nowadays I know that the beliefs are wrong, but I still reckon that Ray Franz had it right when he witheld from personal attacks on the leadership. I believe he said we were the "Victims of victims" I do not disbelieve the accounts of other members..all these men are different,and behave diffently.. Just thought I would add this experience

  • TheOldHippie

    I met John Booth, and he was a very warm and friendly and likeable man.

    A member of the four-men branch committee who came running after me outside the convention hall, calling out my name, and wanted to hug me and speak friendly with me in front of all others, as he knew I was having problems and wanted to show other more reluctant people that I WAS valuable and not be shunned ....... one I really appreciate and remember, amidst others who turned their back on me, and even crossed the street when they saw me in foreign countries..

  • wannaexit

    I met Fred Franz in the mid seventies. He struck me as an odd but a pretty down to earth man.

    I also met some from the local branch of my country and they seemed ok.

    But in the course of 30 years I have met many DO's and CO's and felt very uneasy. Some had the knack of making you feel that you were an embecil.

    I have also met some pioneers that thought very highly of themselves and didin't like being around them.

  • RR

    I remember one of the last conventions I attended probably 91, 92 at Yankee Stadium, they brought Fred Franz at the end of the convention to close in prayer. he was blind at the time and needed help, so an attendant walked him up, he almost slip and Freddy smacked the guy in the back of the head.

    Then Freddy began his prayer "oooooooooohoohoohoohoohhhhhhh Jeeeeehhooooooooovaaaaaaaahhhhh, creator of heaven and earth and of all thatis seen and unseen" he must have repeated thst line 20 times, meanwhile 40,000 people standing in the 90 degree heat for 20 minutes waiting for this old fart to say "amen."

    After he finished, every one clapped! well ... almost everyone!


  • wannaexit
    Then Freddy began his prayer "oooooooooohoohoohoohoohhhhhhh Jeeeeehhooooooooovaaaaaaaahhhhh

    That's too funnny RR. You must have been in stitiches.


  • jimbob

    I actually got to briefly meet Daniel Sydlick in an elevator one time. I was being an elevator attendant at the Tacoma Dome convention one year back in the 90's. He got into the elevator and made a brief comment to me. (don't ask me to remember what it was) He had a little following with him. All I could remember thinking was this man was supposed to be the closest thing on the planet to god, and he didn't appear anything special to me. Of course now I know better.

    Funny thing was, he gave the last talk on Sunday. I was also a parking attendant, so I had to head outside to the parking lot 15 minutes or so before the convention ended. Well, once all us attendants got there, we waited, and waited, and waited for everyone to come streaming out. Finally, 45 minutes (or longer, I can't remember exactly, it felt like eternity) after it was supposed to end, they came out. Ends up Mr. Sydlicker went a tad overtime....par for the course for a member of the GB during convention time. It was bad enough to be there for 3 days, and I always looked forward to Sunday, cause not only was it over, but it ended earlier than the other days. But not when you have Sid Lycker giving the last talk...

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