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  • StinkyPantz


    My issue was more with "everything" politically correct being offensive. That is being extreme in my opinion. Oh and no need for examples, I can see the good and bad side of PCness.. I'm more open-minded than to totally accept or disregard its intentions.

    BUT, we are all offended by different things, and I appreciate differing thoughts. I hope I don't sound rude.. I come across that way at times. I apologize if I am now.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Thank you, SP. I come across sounding rude at times when I never meant to sound that way. I know where you're coming from.


  • wednesday
    Some political correctness just goes to the ridiculous extreme so as to make people look and sound patronizing, even silly rather than respectful. I don't have a ready example, but I'll find some examples of political correctness taken too far.


    I think these are examples, . I remember years ago the song"short people" came out, and there was a big to do about it. "height challenged" is the PC thing to say. Honestly I think that sounds silly. We also do not say "mentally retarded" anymore, I believe (please correct me here if I am wrong) but "intelluctually challenged" . Blind-"vision impared", deaf "hearing impared". Some of the changes are good. Some sound silly. There are more-but those are the first ones I thought of.

    weds of the "spelling impared " class

    btw, Bridget, I love the avatar

  • Terry

    I think what offends me personally is when people tell me I'm wrong and it turns out I'M WRONG!

    I find that very offensive.

  • Corvin

    INJUSTICE offends me deeply.

    I become very passionate and outspoken when I see one human being is committing an injustice toward another, especially to an innocent child.

    I get very indignant at the very idea that someone would hit another below the belt for selfish gain, or to cover up his or her own guilt.

  • jwbot

    Injustice offends me. I also get offended when I think I am speaking up for the little guy-and I get flamed! heh.

    Well not much offends me. Much like stinky, I can appreciate the naked body, cuss words, etc. Even smoking does not offend me as long as people are respectful of each other and each others spaces.

    I get very offended when I see someone completely disrespect me or someone else.

  • Mecurious?

    Feminists offend me.

    People who tolerate feminists

    Women who want their cake and eat it too. (complain about men but get upset when men complain about women)

    Women who complain about lack of equality between the sexes.

    Men who are afraid to speak out against the feminazi agenda.

    Men who are passive and timid and henpecked and are cowards.

    Merc of the anti-feminist class'

  • Brummie

    People who misrepresent what I say.

    People who patronise.

  • jwbot

    Why does equality scare you Mecurious?

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