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  • gypsywildone

    What offends me personally??? Not too damn much

    It'sallgood's list is sensible & quite reasonable, however today, society is full of boors. Boors pushing their spin/viewpoint/religion/politics, you name it! If I really was to be offended easily, I might walk around pretty mad

  • Nosferatu

    There isn't really much that offends me. The only thing I can think of is people lying to me. Call me as many names as you want, just don't lie to me

  • Valis

    Let's see if this works...

    Hey Nos! Yer a good lookin bastard!


    District Overbeer

  • Netty

    People smoking in front of you, or blowing smoke in your direction. I have a sever allergic reaction to cigarette smoke, and immediatly go into a full blown asthma attack when I breathe in cigarette smoke. It irks me how inconsiderate people can be. I have a right to breathe good clean air. Now they stand in the entrances and doorways to buildings, because they cant smoke inside. WELL, how the heck am I supposed to get inside?? Thanks I feel better now.

  • wednesday
    Don't send me emails about your political persuasion unless you know me well enough to understand mine. Don't make political remarks in the elevator and assume that everyone there agrees with you, no matter how important you are in the corporation housing that elevator. And don't you dare prolong the seminar I have to attend for work in order to tell your stupid pro-Republican jokes. Not unless you're going to pay me overtime, you annoying son of a bitch.


    I really liked what u wrote, and was yelling at the computer-"ALRIGHT" until i read this. Would u feel the same way if he prolonged the seminar in order to tell stupid pro -Democratic jokes?

  • Nosferatu
    Hey Nos! Yer a good lookin bastard!

    Really? You wanna have some high quality cuddling time tonight?

  • talesin
    long hair dope smoking liberals offend me as well.

    hey I resemble that remark!


    District Overbeer

    Hey, me too!

  • TresHappy

    When I want to visit with my family and all I hear is a Watchtower lecture...not the one hour kind, but from the "we wish you'd return to the Kingdom Hall..."

  • itsallgoodnow

    ok, wednesday... didn't mean anything by it . It works any way you want to do it...

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I'll tell you one thing that really really offends me: Unsolicited advice from men. I hate if I'm playing pool out in public and it never fails that some guy wants to come up and tell me how to take a shot. I always think 'why dont you go tell that 6'4" burly-looking man over how to take his shot'.

    And when I go to Las Vegas and I'm sitting at a card table, it also never fails that some man wants to come over and offer me advice on how to play. I dont mean to be rude, fuck it, yes I do. So I usually reply "I'm perfectly aware how to play the game thankyou I've been playing for years, but if you want to join the game I'd be more than happy to take your money too". It happens to me EVERYTIME I sit down to play with "the boys". Trust me, if I didnt know what I was doing I wouldnt be there. Suppose it's better that they dont see me as a threat though.

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