What's your cure?

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  • czarofmischief

    I wear socks to bed. It actually worked for me, even though I read the idea in the WT. REALLY!

    Also, it helps if they are black socks pulled as far up as they'll go. Piles of blankets.


  • bebu

    LOLOL @Czar.

    I use melatonin every once in a long while, and it works great for me. Even after a dish of chocolate ice cream at 11 pm, followed by a cup of coffee. If I don't take one in such a situation, I'd be up till dawn.

    BTW, I do avoid coffee in the evening. (I also avoid driving tractors in the evenings.) But sometimes, you just can't help but give in and indulge.



  • Billygoat

    I've cut caffeine from my diet due to my chest pain issues. But I have slept sounder the last two months than I have in ages. I still have my bad nights occassionally, but cutting caffeine helped big time. I started off by just having caffeine before 10 am, which kept me from having withdrawals. I eventually weaned myself. Also I used to eat a bowl of cereal before bedtime, almost every night. Cut that too. Too much sugar right before bed.

  • Terry

    Two hours before bedtime take a long walk and then do some exercises for at least fifteen minutes.

    Take the hottest bath you can stand. After you get in the water keep adding hot water.

    An hour before bedtime eat something heavy.

    Avoid anything with caffeine or sugar at least four hours before bedtime.

    Just before going to bed sit down and write five of the most beautiful thoughts you can think of.

    When your head hits the pillow try to remember the most romantic situation you've ever been in with each and every detail as clear as possible.

    If you waken before you are ready to get up--lie on your back and take in long, slow deep breaths and smile. Tell yourself: I don't have to sleep. I can just rest.

    Have a good snooze!


  • BeelzeDub

    Try 3 or 4 orgasms, not those little ones, the really deep ones. Yep, that should do it.

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