Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie

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  • Been there
    Been there

    Any new info? I'm going thru withdrawl. I love reading this thread.

  • Leolaia

    I'm waiting for my copy of the Boyd-Heath marriage certificate from Las Vegas. That'll hopefully open up some new leads. :)

  • MerryMagdalene

    I sure am looking forward to that!!! I am so tired of dead-ending every which way I turn. Or finding out really interesting stuff about peripheral characters that don't (yet) connect up to our main characters in viably meaningful ways.

    If anyone is curious about such things, though, you can take these side roads through some power-and-money territory involving the president of Producers Oil Company (the company August H Balko, Jr was working for in the 1910 census), Walter Benona Sharp, who was a partner of Howard Hughes, Sr in a couple ventures:

    Sharp's son, Walter Bedford Sharp, married Patti Lummis and the Lummis family was related to the Rice family, and it was Ella Botts Rice that was Howard Hughes, Jr's first wife. His other son, Dudley Crawford Sharp had an early school friend by the name of James A Baker III whose long-time law partner was William Rice Lummis, administrator of Howard Hughes, Jr's estate over which people were still fighting as late as 1997. And one source said that the Sharp-Hughes Tool Company, which became the Hughes Tool Company after Sharp died in 1912, is now known as Enron.

    Also, Judge James A Baker (the first) represented the infamous railroad robber baron, Jay Gould, in court, and Jay Gould had control of the railroad that August Balko, Jr likely worked for in 1920, La Grange, Texas (but that was some time after Gould had been ousted from the MK & T. So, as I said, I know the connections don't really mean anything for us here but it has been an interesting history lesson for me.

    Looking forward to what comes next!


    p.s.-- does anyone know anything about Joe Isaac (poss.alt.sp. Isaacs, Isaack, Isaacks, Isaacke)? Covington said he was a great friend of the Judge and lived in Houston, Texas.

  • Earnest

    The witnesses to the Boyd-Heath marriage were Braunda Thurman and Margaret Hinson. They may be related to the happy couple.

  • Leolaia

    Interesting, Earnest. What is the source of the info? I'm still waiting on the official marriage certificate. It's been 6 weeks already.

  • Celia

    Ooooh.... Berta and Bonnie are back, how nice

  • Earnest

    Hi Leolaia,

    I had applied for the marriage certificate at the beginning of October and received a copy today. The only relevant info on the copy I received was the names of the two witnesses. Hopefully, you will receive a full marriage certificate with more info.

    I couldn't find out any more about these two ladies but thought that between you and Merry it wouldn't take long to identify them. I suspect (and hope) that one of them is Bonnie's mother.


  • Leolaia

    Hey, wasn't Farkel or larc gonna post a pic of Berta? We wanna see!

  • Leolaia

    Oh no! Then I'll prolly get the same thing. I wrote on my request for the license itself, but who knows what I'll get for the fee.

  • JAVA

    I just got off the phone with larc (who has the photo of Berta). The picture is somewhere at home in a family album, and he is still looking for it. I'm meeting larc for lunch tomorrow, and if I can get enough beer into him, it might help the process of finding the missing album! :-) This is a great story--thanks Farkel, and to larc, too.

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