What plan's do you have for Labor Day weekend?

by kls 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH


    I'll pick you up. I love driving

  • Snapdragon

    I'll be out with the inlaws tonight....unbelievable food and wine at this restraunt: Griglia Tuscany, here in Madison. Then off to Karaoke with the friends after 10pm. Nothing like drinking and singing!

    Tomorrow, Saturday, well thats my 5th wedding anniversary. But my husband says he'll be out roofing, thanks a lot buddy. He'd better be planning on making me dinner!

    Sunday, how about grilling out and hanging with all our friends. I have to work Monday at the hospital, so I can't be too naughty.

    And I might as well let you all in on my vacation. Starting this upcoming tuesday I won't be around for about two weeks. Me and the boys (husband and puppy) are taking a car trip around Wisconsin. We seem to know Europe better than our home state. So we'll be cruisin. I'll miss you guys, but maybe I'll find a good internet cafe out there some where.

    Thanks for asking kls. Hope your weekend isn't too lame


    ps. Hey anyone have any suggestions about "must-sees" in Wisconsin?

  • blondie

    Old World Wisconsin

    Circus World

    Wisconsin Dells boat trips

    Milwaukee Zoo

    Devils Lake/Governor Dodge/Blue Mounds State Park

    A drive along the Mississippi river road

    Noah's Ark if it's warm enough

    Bike trails

    Canoeing on the Sugar River

    Wilhelm Tell festival in New Glarus

  • kls

    SnapDragon ,Happy anniversary to you and yours. Mt husbands and mine is tuesday,31years.

  • TrailBlazer04

    Hmmm...3 day weekend.

    Saturday: Hubby has to work so I'm cleaning out a closet and working on homework

    Sunday: Hubby doesn't have to work, so HE's cleaning out a closet and I'm washing my truck

    Monday: cleaning out the third closet and finishing homework.

    Did I mention that I have to clean out closets?

    TB (who's moving in 27 days and a wakeup)

  • kls

    TB, all i can say is,yuck. I think you did mention that you have to clean the closets.

  • Leolaia

    I'm going to Vancouver and Seattle. Might meet a few JWDers, perhaps??

  • Badger

    Leo should come to Texas some fest day...

    I'm might be reffing or grading papers...blah.

  • recoveringjw

    Snap----Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    TB--maybe you should clean out some closets....

    Leolaia--Hey, if you are down around Portland around 5 pm, you should stop in at McMennamins on NW 23rd and say hi to me and Odrade!

    I think I also might watch about 9 episodes of Angel on Monday


  • Princess
    Leolaia--Hey, if you are down around Portland around 5 pm, you should stop in at McMennamins on NW 23rd and say hi to me and Odrade!

    Right, just be aware that there are two McMennamins on NW 23rd. I found that out the hard way.

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