What plan's do you have for Labor Day weekend?

by kls 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nosferatu

    Tonight, finish burning CDs for my buddy's wedding

    Tomorrow morning, go pick up the sound system for my buddy's wedding

    Tomorrow night, buddy's bachelor party

    Sunday, go set up sound system and watch my buddy get married

    Me and my wife are singing at this wedding. Should be fun!

  • kls

    Blondie picnic sounds great with lot's of food. Have fun!!!!

  • kls

    Nos, wow ,your wife and you will sing at their wedding . Sometime i would like to hear you too. AHH,,,,,sing

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Building a patio on the back of the house. Bluck...

    Maybe BBQ on Monday.

    Country BBQin Girl

  • kwintestal

    I'm going to march in our Labour Day Parade! Go Labour!

  • shamus

    Hard core drinking, and mountain biking. I'm being serious.

  • kls

    Country Girl, ya you are right ,that does not sound like fun. But the BBQ does as long as you ain't gotta cook.

    Shamus, i know you will have a good time.

    Kwin, you might want to cover for face as not to scare the kids.LOL

  • JH

    Probably take a nice car ride to Montreal and go shopping.

  • kls

    JH, now your talking fun. You pay i'll go. Ahhh,$500. should do it.

  • Princess
    Kwin, you might want to cover for face as not to scare the kids.LOL

    That avatar totally freaks me out.

    Steve just left to go camping/fishing so I am all alone...

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