The Scarlet Letter- Disfellowshipping of Jst2laws and Joy2bfree, Conclusion

by jst2laws 40 Replies latest jw experiences

  • myself

    *waves back at sexy sixy , but why are you bringing youknow into this?

  • myself
    *concerned look* tell us more.

    ack! elder flashback

  • seven006

    ***Paula is doing great, she has taken her df'd little ass into total rebellion and is living life to the fullest.***

    Good for her. Ya know, I'm back to doing fine art again. They're nudes. I was thinking about a sisters theme one of these days and.... damn, there I go again off topic. Steve, forgive me.

    Now where were we, elders, meetings, tape recorders. I feel like such an ass. I know I should take this all more serious. I'm going to shut my computer off now.

    Please continue.


    Good night.


  • SheilaM

    Jst2 and Joy thanks for writing your story

  • Navigator

    Good for you, Steve! You are handling it in exactly the right way. God Bless you Both!

  • Angharad

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    (((Steve & Joy))))

  • Englishman


    Many thanks for sharing that story with us.

    When I was DF'd all those years ago, I vowed that they would never see me down hearted.

    Even now, it drives them nuts to see that I have a loyal and loving family. They hate to see me out with my friends. They can't bear to see you happy and prosperous and disinterested in their opinions.

    You wait, Mate, soon you'll have a few JW doubters quietly contacting you with their own worries too..


  • jst2laws

    First, Dave is right. I AM a Wuss. Some of your appreciative responses has brought a tear to my eyes.

    I will get back to the rest of the comments later today but below I'll try to respond to a few.

    Carmel Thanks for the "pat on the back". Lady Lee

    "I have posted it in the Best of in 2 places actually once in the Personal experiences and a second time in the continuing series
    Is there an easy way to find your "best of" threads? I missed all but the recent Englishman's you put up and would like to review the others. Narkisos,
    "It sure brings back a lot of memories."
    Yes, some that make us shutter and some that make us laugh. Thanks for the complement. Ballistic
    I have experienced which I can use to try to help others, and resolve that I will do a lot more in the future than run in anyone's hampster wheel.
    Now there is a good attitude. WanaExit I hope you too are able to attain your goal- wana exit Farkel, I can remember our first conversation and I was scared to death that I (an elder at the time) would get exposed. Your response to my issues of security were to the point and realistic. But then 'to the point' and 'realistic' are some of the qualities you are famous for. Megadude We need to visit again. I will be back this evening for the rest Jst2laws
  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    Is there an easy way to find your "best of" threads? I missed all but the recent Englishman's you put up and would like to review the others.

    Two ways to the Best of section It is listed 3rd from the top on the main page or go to the scroll bar that says ACTION: JUMP TO and scroll down to the third link. You will find the listing of all (so far) the Best of threads. Your series is listed in both The Best of... Personal Experiences and The Best of... Continuing Series threads sections or yea you could use these links

  • Balsam

    Hey you two congradulations on being out and free. Hope that since the shunning started some time ago you have adjusted before it actually happen. I didn't fight my dis'fshipping either and have never regretted it. There is a special freedom because you don't have to worry about JW's turning you in if they see you doing something they don't approve of.


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