The Scarlet Letter- Disfellowshipping of Jst2laws and Joy2bfree, Conclusion

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Extremely fascinating story (and I've never been a dub). THANKS for the great read!

  • wannaexit
    So I guess I have the rest of my BETTER HALF of my life to live. I?m not going to let one half of my life ruin

    What a positive way to look at things!!!!!

    Good for you .

    Your story has been a big boost tonight.



  • Farkel


    : I?m going to move on and enjoy the rest of my life.

    Thank you for sharing that, Steve. And a big thank you for trusting me at the very beginning of your doubts. It means a lot for me. In fact, it means so much that it keeps me grinding away pounding out my drivel.

    And thank you for our many productive and enlightening phone conversations. You made a difference in my life, too. It cuts both ways. Joy is a firecracker, though. If I could tame a rhino, that doesn't mean I could tame Joy! You are lucky to have each other.


  • MegaDude

    Great ending to a new beginning, Steve.

  • seven006


    Ya big (how do you spell woos? It's not on my spell checker) woos. You should have at least taken a fifth of Jack or Jim and some ice with you. You know, limber them up with thoughts of the good old days hanging out at Steve's place. Not that they would have had one too many, (Iv never seen an elder ever do that), but more of a bon voyage to old friends and old lies. A celebration of conscience sobriety and the end of fighting how you really feel, and how as an elder, you were told to feel.

    You not only did good, you did the only thing you could do when facing up to absolute truth. Once again, the watchtower redefines the accepted definition of the word friends.

    Take care and I'm saving a nice bottle of 21 year old scotch for you the next time you come to visit.

    Your friend no matter what.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I some times look back and think ?what a waste?. Thirty nine years in a cult. They robbed me of my life. But then, I?m not dead yet.

    I understand this better than any other part of your story Steve. The life that could have been ... and wasn't. That poignancy resonates with me. What ifs and maybes can haunt us. I suppose that is one thing I enjoy about posting, it draws me away from the darkness of the past and into the light of the present.

    I'm glad you and your family made it out and you made it out in one piece. Not everyone can say that.

    Be well and have a good life.

  • myself

    Absolutely Awesome Steve!

    p.s. Dave, not that I agree with your term for Steve, but as a favor I will be your spellchecker - wuss

  • seven006


    Damn, I knew it had that oo or u sounding letter in it somewhere. I get those two sounds mixed up all the time.

    It was just a joke, Steve knows I'm just kidding. We've shared some time in the sun together, he knows I'm a sarcastic sonofabitch.

    When did you slip back to the fold of the bungled and botched? How's yer crazy sist'a do'n?


  • myself

    Dave, I knew you were kidding with Steve, otherwise I wouldnt have aided and abetted in helping you call Steve a wuss.

    I never left, my bad.

    I have been busy so I check in to see what is going on,and post when I can. Nice to know someone missed me Thanks!

    Paula is doing great, she has taken her df'd little ass into total rebellion and is living life to the fullest.

    hugs, Karla

  • SixofNine

    she has taken her df'd little ass into total rebellion
    *concerned look* tell us more.


    *waves at myself, er.., I mean myself...*

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