Rutherford's Sex Life

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  • Leolaia

    Okay, so we learned in recent threads how JF Rutherford was seperated from his wife from the time he took possession of the Watchtower Society, and how they lived apart thenceforth. quote Butt-head, did Rutherford ever "get any"? Did he live a purported "chaste life" that Russell claimed to? I find it a little hard to believe that a hard-drinkin' autocratic man who could basically have anything he wanted didn't have a sex life at all. So are there rumors of affairs, dalliances, etc. or was he just left to "his own devices"??

    I'm not all that up on this part of Watchtower history....

  • Odrade

    hahaha. and... eeewww!

    Some autocratic egomaniacs get off on celibacy... Maybe the old Judge was one of these. After all, we knew how he felt about wemonz... (rhymes with demonz) so maybe he DIDN'T "get none" 'cause it grossed him out?


  • Satanus

    I remember reading about one of his booze binges that involved a lady of not the highest repute.


  • Farkel


    : I'm not all that up on this part of Watchtower history....

    AlanF dug up some evidence that Rutherford was unfaithful to his wife and he posted the evidence here. It's circumstantial evidence, but still incriminating. It had to do with Rutherford traveling with a female assistant.

    Check out Alan's posts.


  • Leolaia

    Thanks Farkel....I found this in the archive....

    As my grandpa used to say, Rutherford was 'some piece a woik' alright.

    There is good evidence that Rutherford was an adulterer. Around 1928 he and his entourage were staying at some hotel, and one morning one of the Bible Student ladies who straightened up the rooms found a lady's hairpin in Rutherford's bed. His room was adjoined by that of his mistress of the moment, another Bible Student lady who doubled as Rutherford's cook. This discovery led to the resignation of a pile of Bible Students in the area of Buffalo, New York, who formed their own group.

    This story was given to me by the son of one of the Bible Students who had resigned. Jim Penton has been gathering pretty solid evidence to support this.


    Very interesting. I wonder if AlanF has more details or documentation on this....

  • Scully

    Here are three words, when foisted upon a fertile imagination, that should never appear together:

    Rutherford's Sex Life

    ::: shudder :::

  • DocBob

    Rutherford's Sex Life

    Judge Joe "got some" at least once. He has a son named Malcom

  • christopherrobin

    It's funny when a poster mentioned that some get off on celibacy !!!

    I can't say what HIS thoughts were, but there was a time ( 6 mos) when I didn't even twiddle my dinker, because I believed that it was unclean. I have only been intimate w/ two women in my life, and, while I believe a lack of self control causes probs ( std's , unwanted pregnancies, abortion )---It is strange how their teachings cause MAJOR probs for people sexually, especially when they get married and then deal w/ life in the org. w/ all of these either being addressed, or swept under the carpet for years due to conformity and the cult-like feeling.

  • czarofmischief

    I'd read AlanF's information about Judge's mistress. Not that polyamory bugs me particularly, but the hypocrisy of it all is mind boggling when you think about how many thousands of young people have been diffed for a feel-up or made to feel guilty for a little "sexual healing" oh yeah, baby...

    I'm so glad I'm not involved with that crap anymore!


  • Leolaia

    czar...did you also read another post of AlanF's other than what I posted? I couldn't find another and am curious of the specifics behind the allegations....

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