Rutherford's wife, why the info blackout?

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  • thetrueone

    Rutherford was mostly in love with himself and the religious publishing company that gave him and supported

    his ideological self image as a grand spiritual leader, with all the attaching power and money at his disposal.

    His own wife and son seemed to have played a secondary unimportant part of his life.

    On this accord he was very much like Russell, the only difference between the two is Russel's wife Maria divorced Charles

    for emotional and perhaps sexual abandonment. Rutherford's wife just separated from the delusional drunken cad.

    From all instances of information his son eventually did the same.

  • Balaamsass2

    Interesting Governing Body post. After searching the ENTIRE planet...Jesus picked JFR in Brooklyn..............

  • Christopher Macklin
    Christopher Macklin

    Hello to everyone on here I have the answer of Malcolm Rutherford Ford son and his mother and why they did not want to associate with their Joseph Rutherford. He was part of the anointed with Holy Spirit which is the hundred forty-four thousand mentioned in the Bible of revelation and his wife and son did not have God's holy spirit and did not want to associate with him anymore and they were apostates. once they found out that he was anointed especially by those powerful sermons he gave they didn't want nothing to do with him. You won't find no other conclusion like this from anyone else

  • Finkelstein

    Rutherford was separated from his wife and living with another woman supposedly his mistress at Beth Sarim , that's another highly probable reason.

    Funny behavior for a self proclaimed anointed one dont you think ?

  • blondie

    A good group of posts, thanks, Leolaia , if you still come to here and read posts.I

    I found quite a lot of info on the SSI Death index.

  • blondie

    Not so funny, when you consider that in the bible, a king of Israel, committed adultery with the wife of a close friend, and fellow solder, and when the wife became pregnant and her husband had not had sex with her for over a year, the jig was up. But since he was the king, he had one of his generals put the husband on the front line so the husband would be sure to die.

  • Listener
    Farkel - It is also true that neither Mary nor Malcolm attended old Joe's funeral. In fact only FOUR people attended the funeral of this so-called "world Bible expert." Knorr and Franz did not even bother to attend his funeral.

    This is very odd, especially when there must have been more people serving him at Beth Sarim alone, including a prince and princess.

    It could be possible that there was a secret funeral,possible at his final resting place.
  • slimboyfat

    That seems a likely explanation to me, Listener!

    It’s a bit late to find out now for sure, because everyone must be dead.

  • blondie

    I did not know this about Rutherford until I read it in the Proclaimers book. And my grandparents were Bible Students in 1920. Is it no wonder why quite a few jws left after reading the history in the Proclaimers book (came out in 1993, about the time the internet really took off).

    The WTS has 3 kinds of history accounts of their own organization

    1. Info presented but info left out that takes it out of context

    2. Info never mentioned at all

    3. Info massaged or reinvented to fit their image (using the internet or getting access to publications not on the WT-CD) Is that rewriting history?

    Brother Rutherford was survived by his wife, Mary, and their son, Malcolm. Because Sister Rutherford had poor health and found the winters in New York (where the Watch Tower Society’s headquarters were located) difficult to endure, she and Malcolm had been residing in southern California, where the climate was better for her health. Sister Rutherford died December 17, 1962, at the age of 93. Notice of her death, appearing in the Monrovia, California, Daily News-Post, stated: “Until poor health confined her to her home, she took an active part in the ministerial work of Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

    (Notably, Rutherford spent a great deal of his time in southern California, but not to be with his wife and son, Malcolm--whatever did happen to him. She did not live very far from Beth Sarim, but no mention why he did not live with them or even have contact with them.

  • nowwhat?

    Wonder if Malcolm ever had a son. And you would think he could have written a book about his lousy father unless he got paid off handsomely to keep quiet

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