Rutherford's wife, why the info blackout?

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  • blondie

    When I first accessed Malcolm Rutherford on the Social Security Index several years ago, he was listed as having lived at Arcadia, CA. A Paul Rutherford lived in Arcadia at that time. If Malcolm had no children I can understand why.


  • BeelzeDub
    the Rutherfords had one last son, Berkie (sp?), who was aged 4 at the time of the census. No other occupation was given for the other children, except for William who was stated as "works on farm".

    Joe's younger brother was known as Bertie who died at a young age. It has been reported that his older bother William moved to Kansas City Missouri. His mother lived in Morgan county until her death and is burried in the Freedom Baptist cemetery. William was disfellowshiped from the baptist church in 1885 when he was 20 for dancing.

  • Leolaia

    blondie....I not sure about the "Paul Rutherford" thing. On the one hand, since Malcolm's wife was named "Pauline," naming a son "Paul" would make sense. However, the "Paul H. Rutherford" that was born in 1915, who died in 1992, and whose mother's maiden name was "Brinkerhoff," was definitely not the son of Malcolm Rutherford. The 1930 census shows that he was the son of Stephen Rutherford, Jr. (who was a native of California). Moreover, the same census shows that no children lived at the residence of Malcolm C. and Pauline S. Rutherford, and Paul H. Rutherford, if born in 1915, would have been only 14-15 at the time.

  • Leolaia

    BeeldeDub....Ah, thanks! It's hard to read the old 19th century cursive handwriting.

    It's fascinating to hear the little details about the family members. Virginia became a school teacher, any other info on the professions of the other children? Was Joseph the most successful in terms of profession, becoming a lawyer and then head of a massive religious corporation?

  • West70

    I just did a quick scan of this thread and I saw at least 2 different posts which state that Malcom Rutherford was NOT connected with the WatchTower Society, nor was a JW.

    That is WRONG!

    Malcom Rutherford served as Charles Taze Russell's personal stenographer, and the August 1, 1911 issue of the Watch Tower Magazine even compiments him as being "faithful" and that he "materially assisted in the work" during the summer Convention Tour across the U.S. and Canada.

    Malcom also served as Russell's stenographer during the 1913 Convention Tour.

    Although I don't know of any other references to Malcom, these two instances would seem to indicate that Malcom was a Bethelite who accompanied his parents Joseph and Mary when they moved to Bethelehem. :)

    It is entirely possible that some Watch Tower references to "Bro. Rutherford" during and after this time period were actually referring to Malcom rather than the Judge.

  • blondie

    I would venture to say that based on how this footnote in the Proclaimers book is worded about Malcolm's mother's death in 1962 that he was no longer active himself, only his mother. He died in 1989 and there is no other mention of him in the WT-CD or indexes back to 1950. I also found it strange that while Mary Rutherford lived in California and that the separation of Joseph and Mary was atrributed to her inability to withstand the New York weather, even when Joseph was in California, he lived under a separate roof (Beth Sarim).

    *** jv chap. 7 p. 89 Advertise the King and the Kingdom! (1919-1941) ***

    Brother Rutherford was survived by his wife, Mary, and their son, Malcolm. Because Sister Rutherford had poor health and found the winters in New York (where the Watch Tower Society’s headquarters were located) difficult to endure, she and Malcolm had been residing in southern California, where the climate was better for her health. Sister Rutherford died December 17, 1962, at the age of 93. Notice of her death, appearing in the Monrovia, California, Daily News-Post, stated: "Until poor health confined her to her home, she took an active part in the ministerial work of Jehovah’s Witnesses."
  • Leolaia

    Very interesting!

    Here is the quote from the 1 August 1911 Watch Tower:

    The following day was spent in the mountains of Colorado and Utah, journeying to Salt Lake City over the Denver and Rio Grande Railway. The scenery was very beautiful, picturesque and interesting. The convulsions of nature which threw up those great mountain ranges spoke to us of a Power Divine, while beautiful mountain flowers told of the same Divine Power exercised in a more pacific manner. It was a day of rest from oral preaching, affording us an opportunity for preparing sermons for future use. Our faithful stenographer, Brother Rutherford, Jr., materially assisted in the work.

    Unfortunately the first name is not stated so it is marginally possible that this could be the son of another "Brother Rutherford", but the close involvement he had with Pastor Russell fits Malcolm well.

    As for Malcolm living at Bethel, he does not seem to have been there during the 1910 census; however I cannot find him anywhere else, nor J. F. Rutherford or Mary, during that census. Some further research may be needed.

  • VM44

    Also to consider is that Malcolm Rutherford would not give any interviews concerning his father. --VM44

  • stev

    As I recall, there is a photograph of Malcolm Rutherford in one of the convention reports, most likely in 1913.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It's late. I'm tired but if I don't get this down now I know I will forget it by morning

    What are the chances that Malcolm Rutherford followed the Russellites after the split after Russell died?

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