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  • GentlyFeral

    I believe that any time you are living especially vividly, you are having a spiritual experience.

    About "deserving spiritual experiences," well, ol' Paul said it best:

    "Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.... the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit thereby.

    It's in 1 Cor. 12. Paul was talking about a limited variety of gifts, but I want to stretch it a little.

    I think rationalism, pragmatism and hard-headed logic are other spiritual gifts. Or, to put it another way, God created atheists to keep the rest of us honest.

    I once heard a sermon on this subject by an atheist UU minister. As I remember it, he said the kinds of spiritual experiences atheists have tend to be: the realization that everything, on some level deserves love; and/or vast astonishment that anything exists at all. These realizations strike suddenly, as epiphanies.

    Some of us get to have visions, some of us get to have encounters with angels, some of us get to cut through the bullshit. Those are all ways of looking up from the next threat to your survival and thriving.

    gently feral

  • Golf

    Spirituality would mean experiencing freedom. Paul at Galations 5:22,23 highlights the 'fruits of the spirit' and then concludes by saying, 'Against such things there is no law.'

    Guest 77

  • heathen

    Spirituality is the act of putting aside human tendancies to serve a higher being. It's like being born again in the christian sense , jesus said you must be born of the spirit in order to inherit the kingdom of the heavens because flesh and blood cannot inherit it . The works of the flesh are considered the opposite of spirituality , according to the bible it takes a considerable amount of self control to attain a state of spirituality that is acceptible to God .

    Step 1 --- I believe to be the belief that jesus christ was the messiah .

    step 2---- the belief that the bible is the inspired word of God.

    step 3--- A water ritual known as baptism .

    step 4--- A public declaration of your faith before men .

    gumby --- spirituality is also the belief that death is not the end of our existence for all time sake but that there is hope of eternal life . I think the lesson here is that these things happen because of mankinds rebellion against God in the garden of eden .

    I also see religionists with millions or billions of dollars who stand by and do little or nothing to feed and educate these people but still show the pictures of them starving to death. Now that's pretty sick .

  • gumby
    I think the lesson here is that these things happen because of mankinds rebellion against God in the garden of eden .

    "Mankind" didn't rebel......Adam and his dumbshit wife did? Why should we pay for two dummies mistakes? It just ain't fair man!!!!


  • minimus

    Where's Miss Stinky?

  • StinkyPantz

    Well.. thanks for all of the responses.. I?m even more confused.. lol. I guess it shows that this is one term that can have an endless amount of definitions.


    Who cares if one person feel "spirituality" and another doesn't?

    It seems to be something helpful to them and makes them feel good. If I have this potential I?d like to know.


    To me spirituality is simply realizing that I am connected to everything.

    That?s cool. I feel that way too, that I am connected to everything, but I don?t consider that spirituality. Everything we?ve found in nature is made up of basically the same things.. in that sense I feel connected.


    it's a power that is at work in their lives and life itself.

    What kind of power? Does it encroach on their free will?

    Double Edge-

    Did you ever have tear or two come to you over some music, or poetry, some scene in a movie, a wonderous sunrise or sunset, the birth of a baby, etc. -- remember those feelings? Something has touched more than your "physical" sense, they've touched your spirit -- IMO they are spiritual experiences.... they speak to our higher nature.

    So if you feel emotions (which we all do all of the time), you are having spiritual experiences?


    sometimes I felt a bit cheated when I would read about other people's spiritual experiences and wonder why nothing like that happened to me....am I not worth as much as they are to God or whoever or whatever is out there? I think I'm a pretty good person.....

    This is exactly how I feel. I believed in god hardcore for most of my life, I was open to most things regarding him/her/it; and yet I never had these socalled ?experiences?.

    then I realized things like that do happen to me....I had just closed myself off from recognizing them, it's nothing major just little things that show me I'm hooked up at times

    Another concept I can?t grasp.. ?hooked up??

    A Paduan-

    One of the hardest things, it seems, for jws to shake, or fundamentalists / western white folk for that matter, is the idea of "deserving".

    Western ?white? folk.

    God gives to both the good and bad (Jesus Christ) and so are we to do the same (if we are able, and don't judge) - nature teaches us, plainly, that the good and wicked both recieve from God - what they do with it is their own business, free will - but the wicked usually reject growth and accept the material stuff, and make off with other people's as well.

    I?m not sure I understand this last part. It seems that God gives unequally. I know of atheists would?ve converted to Christianity because God supposedly came to them and gave them an obvious sign or vision. I say obvious, like he actually spoke to them or predicted something. So if God wanted everyone to believe, why not give everyone these obvious signs?

    Little Witch-

    How to feel comfortable in the world without losing your sense of self.
    I feel certain you are aware of your spiritual side, but are insecure in recognizing it.

    If being comfortable with yourself is spirituality, then I?ve achieved it. I just don?t think that?s what it is. If that is so, what are these ?spiritual experiences? people are having?

    Gently Feral-

    I believe that any time you are living especially vividly, you are having a spiritual experience.

    That?s all it is? Even we agostics/atheists live vividly. I thought spirituality was supposed to be a feeling of being connected with some higher power. I just don?t get it.. lol.


    Spirituality would mean experiencing freedom.

    Freedom from?


    So your claim is that spirituality and Christianity are one in the same? So people that have traditionally Eastern religion cannot have spirituality?

    Once again, thanks for all of the responses.

  • dh

    spirituality is the place you go just before an orgasm.

    pizza is afterward!

  • StinkyPantz


    Now that I understand!

  • heathen

    StinkyPantz--- I do not believe that there is anything more to other religions than mythology . I do have a thing about the biblical teachings that make sense to me but sadly can't see anything promising in the various cults that are derived from biblical writings. What's a guy to do ???????

    Gumby --- I guess you are an atheist? If you would care to please enlighten us on your possition reguarding the meaning of life . I just can't see why an atheist would reply to a thread that discusses spirituality .

  • gumby

    Heathen....ya heathen bastard! I never said I was an atheist......I just do not subscribe to the bible god....that's all. I still believe in a maker of some sort, but haven't a clue as to what or whom that maker is. I suppose I'm an agnostic......so I suppose I can give room for spirituality .


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