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  • Grog

    I would have to say my thoughts on God and the Bible are very similar to what Balsams are. While I have been away from the JW's for about 3 years I have really opened up my thought process about it all... expanded my horizions in a way.

    I personally think the Bible has some nice things in it.. and some information that is useful, particular some of the examples in the new testament. The WTS prefers to use the old testament examples of a vindicitive angry god to keep the sheep afraid though.

    Life is alot easier when you aren't afraid of god. When you know that god is going to love you no matter what happens and that salvation is not for only a select few... it really made me appreciate life even more.


  • jgnat

    Welcome, frobisher. Are you any relation to Frobisher Bay? I am a Canadian, and I am a little partial to the place. Here?s my shot at your questions, and I follow up with a few of my own (in blue). Please respect me with a reply. Few JW apologists do.

    Do you think it?s healthy to be bound together in hatred?

    No, and that is not why I am here. Do you realize that this is a loaded question?

    ... but the venom in the snide remarks and labels that you give the WTS, GB, Elders, and other brothers/sisters . . . is nothing more than hate.

    I hate injustice. I don?t hate people. Jesus did not hate those who killed him, they knew not what they were doing. On the other hand, he hated the injustices and corrupt practices of his day, and was not above saying so. So I see nothing wrong with attacking the WTS, GB, and evil elder behavior. Do you realize that you answered your own question, and lumped the whole board under a single label, though later you deny that you do?

    Do you think it?s healthy to perpetuate yourselves as victims?

    I am not a victim. Do you realize this is another loaded, lumping question?

    They become addicted to the attention... never really heal.

    Do you realize you have judged my reason here, and predicted my future?

    Which of you was unable to leave the JW?s due to a gun being held to your head?

    This does not apply, since I never joined. Nevertheless, the WTBTS governs my day, as my partner is a Jehovah?s Witness. What I do not receive from the society, and I dearly need, is a ?voice?. There is no room in the meeting program for open dialogue. So I take care of that need here. Tell me, how long will it take for my husband to stop speaking to me on instruction of the society, and in what way would that have been as a result of my decision-making?

    Who here thinks they are Jehovah God?

    Not me. But my mind is God-created.

    Who here thinks they are Jesus Christ?

    Not me, but I will follow him to the end of my days.

    Do you believe I must be a god in order to question the society?

    I don?t think so. I use my God-created mind to evaluate and make my own choices.

    I was never taught that anyone in the WTS Organization, from the Lowliest Publisher to the Governing Body, where infallible. ....we all have to answer for ourselves.

    The WTS leadership may use the ?only human? card as a get-out-of-jail-free ticket, but it does not absolve them of responsibility. No one can question the society?s God-ordained leadership, and remain part of the organization. If they cannot be questioned, then they carry the blood-guilt for every error in doctrine, every life lost, because of their decisions.

    My personal position is that I do not think I will ever return to the JW Organization, whether they are right or wrong, I don?t really know. I do believe in Jehovah, and that this system will have an end.

    In my personal opinion that you have left the organization, but the organization still lives in you. While you are out, why don?t you indulge in a little more personal study; review some of the older books of the society, read the bible nightly, and see if a little personal revelation comes your way?

    These are only suggestions. I do not want to cause offence in any way. I hope, frobisher, that you take my questions and suggestions in the spirit they are given.

  • bisous
    The fact that your family and friends won?t talk to you is a decision they make, because of a decision you made, caused by all of you choosing, at some point or another, to live by these rules. The subtle way around this reality is to portray the WTS Organization as a monster or cult that has your former friends and family as victims, thus relieving them of any responsibility, in your eyes. (Not sure where the question was in that one, just an observation I guess.)

    Hmmmm....Really now?? Well let's see ... children who are born into a JW family and indoctrinated by their high control cult tactics don't really have much of a choice now do they? I didn't say they don't have a choice, but the one provided to them by this organization is hateful and destructive.

    The choice they have (if they are lucky enough to wake up and discover the lie of The Truth) is to hypocritically deny their own personal beliefs, staying in so as not to lose their family OR leave and be 100% shunned by all family members who remain...as well as friends, associates etc.

    This was my experience: My mother married into a JW family when I was 5 years old. I was of course brought to all meetings, taken into field service, forced to study at a young age, denied worldly friendships and had contact with other non-JW family members strictly limited and monitored. I was told the world would end in 1975 and I should witness as much as I could to save myself and others. College was not an option, so graduate high school at 16 so you can witness more. Baptized before then of course of course (so many choices, so little time). Widowed at 20, 5 months pregnant, no insurance (too busy not working, witnessing witnessing...the end could still come, even though it is already 5 years late). When I finally woke up and made my choice...yep yep yeppers....My Decision...Guess I knew those pesky consequences, right? .... I was left alone with an infant...and absolutely no friends or local family.

    So you my friend do not have a clue. Your comments might have limited relevance for an adult who chooses to join of their own free will...although even that is in question as this religion preys on lonely, vulnerable, hurting, desperately seeking individuals more than any other audience.

    I have heard versions of my story repeated in countless fashions. And oh, by the way, I only gave a few highlights.....thought I'd spare you my gory molestation stories, the fellow children growing up with me that were castigated by JW family and friends and have died alone due to shunning ... etc, etc..... cause of course we made the choices and decisions, right? Made our beds and are now sleeping in them, eh?

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