Brits call 'em Monkey Nuts....what are they?????

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  • ballistic

    kls, anything else you want to know about monkeys - just ask me.

    Oh and people at London Zoo used to give the Monkeys Polo Mints because they used to like to watch the monkeys blow on them to cool them down.

    (theyre not allowed to feed them anymore)

  • ohiocowboy
    anything else you want to know about monkeys - just ask me.

    Do monkeys Really enjoy being spanked???

  • ballistic

    Oh yes, I can answer that to, they sure do. And I can spank the monkey at nearly 900 miles per hour.

  • ballistic

    ok, I was cheating. With an optical mouse and the sensitivity turned up to maximum in control panel, I can get 316 mph.

  • kls

    Ballistic, you are a very confusing chap

  • ballistic

    Confusing? In what way? I was just giving you the run down on the English opinion of Monkeys - because you seemed to imply it wan't very English. When in fact it is!!!

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  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Well, when I was a little girl, we used to go to Bristol Zoo and you could buy bags of Monkey Nuts to feed the monkeys, of course we used to eat them too.You aren't allowed to do that now, feed the monkeys I mean.

    Shirley/Meat Pie.

  • bem


  • little witch
    little witch

    Thanks MeatPie (cute name btw). That explains the origin of the name Monkey Nuts then.

    Ya know, come to think about it, there used to be a place nearby that had a cage containing two spider monkeys. You could put a quarter in a bubble gum machine that was full of peanuts, to feed the monkeys. I guess that is a big part of their diet. I had forgotten all about that.....A few years ago, the monkeys escaped and were found months later nearly 30 miles away!

    Ballistic, any knowledge you can pass on for the term "Monkey Shine"? (just call me Curious George) lol

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