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  • flower

    What is the societys official stand on the Williams sisters who openly repeatedly tell the world that they are devout Jehovahs Witnesses yet laugh in the face of every one of the guidelines that Jehovah's 'visible organization' has given us.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Hey thats allowed by the society at most baptisms a swim suit and a cover up

  • gumby

    Flower, you little rascle you.....yer just jealous of Serena.....aren't ya?


  • flower

    Well heck yea I'm jealous of anyone who can pay cash for a house when I can barely pay rent! Surely you arent implying that Serena looks better than me?

    Ok well I wouldnt mind her abs but I'd put my boobs against hers any day of the week .

    Actually Gumby, I'm a big fan of both the girls! I love that they do whatever the heck they want and I love watching them play tennis. I'm just curious what the societys opinion is. I would love to hear how the society explains away the celebrity witness phenomenon.

  • jgnat

    How about, "I am a pregnant pioneer, O negative blood, my MS husband is A positive. We have had genetic testing done, and we have found out that our coming baby is a haemopheliac. I am confused by the latest article on blood. Is it permissible for me to have rogaine shots, and can my coming child receive blood clotting agents?"

    Then, WHATEVER their reply, start sobbing uncontrollably.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Rogaine with minoxidil.

  • DFWnonJW
    I'd put my boobs against hers any day of the week

    *cough, cough*

    ok people, move along...

  • Insomniac

    I tried this one a couple of months ago:

    I called Bethel, and said I was a woman who was interested in their religion, but had some questions, and could I talk to someone? They put me on the line with a pleasant sounding young guy. I asked him, if I were to become a member, would I have to observe Sabbath? OK, how about all those dietary restrictions and quarantining of menstruating women and animal sacrifice, all from the Mosaic Law. Of course, he told me that was obsolete stuff, negated by Jesus' sacrifice, and modern-day witnesses aren't subject to the old laws.

    Then I dropped the bombshell. "Oh, no...there's been a horrible misunderstanding, then. I was told that, rather than give my child a blood transfusion, say, in case of a bad accident, I'd have to just stand there and watch her die. But the blood thing is from the Old Testament along with all that other stuff you people don't believe, so that can't be right...can it?" He told me it was, and I asked him how they decided which laws to keep and which ones to pitch, and dude had no answer at all. It made me feel pretty good, to have given him such food for thought. Good luck to you when you call-maybe you'll get the same guy.

  • Sunspot

    How about;

    Jesus commanded to "go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" Matt 28:19

    Why doesn't the WTS baptize this way?


    When Jesus said to "do this in remembrance of me" until he comes again........if the WTS teaches that he came earlier in this century, WHY are they still celebrating the Memorial?


  • DaCheech

    Hey never seen a picture of a sister in the KH lilke venus'!!!

    Where can we find more Witnesses like her?

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