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    Laurelin said:

    I came across a website just yesterday that tried to say JW's taught that Abaddon was Satan and the Locusts were demons from Hell. I did an extensive trawl through the literature and could find nothing to prove that theory. The publications have always pointed to Abaddon being Jesus and the Locusts being so called witnesses. Even the Aid book (blue one) which is not on the CDROM.

    The Watchtower Society did indeed at one time in the past, teach that Abaddon was Satan -- here's the quote:

    Studies in the Scriptures, Volume VII, Page 159:

    ?And there were stings---Revivals in which the attendants were stung, doctrinally and financially. AND in their tails WAS their power to hurt men five months---One hundred and fifty years, from Wesley?s ordinance in 1738 to the casting off of Methodism in 1878--Rev. 9:5

    They have THEIR king---the same king as exercises general rulership over the ecclesiastical affairs of the present evil world. The angel of the abyss---?the prince of the power of the air? ----Eph. 2:2

    Whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon---and he is ?a bad one? sure enough---2Cor. 4:4.

    But in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon---That is, Destroyer. But in plain English, his name is Satan, the Devil.?

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    Hey there mustang! How's flyin' been?

    The "older" literature I mentioned above (pre-1950) is not under WTS copyright. In fact, there is a just now a CD out (www.freeminds.org) of the Yearbooks from 1943 through 1959 (Vol. 2; Vol. 1 has all the yb's from 1929 to 1943), which has done copyright searches for this stuff, and those copyrights have expired.

    The revealed light of God never fades. LOLOL


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    Hi Ona,

    No flying for a long time. My last flight was in Asia. I want to buy some "Dual Time" in another foreign country in the future. Hiring an Instructor over there cuts the red-tape to zip-point-nada. This guy was an Air Force pilot from one of those countries and we flew out of an Army base.

    On the Copyrights, yes, indeedy, you can get to Public Domain after a while.

    But there is an alarming new trend: with the new media and the BIG TIME Publishing outfits making tons of cash, they are putting LOBBYISTS from Hell onto Capitol Hill. I suppose that goes for other countries, too. What they are achieving is the EXTENSION OF THE LENGTH of the period of the Copyrights!!! Yes, there have been probably two passes at this and the new expiration dates are stretched out a lot longer than in the past.

    Some of the new expiration dates could actually go back PAST some older expiration dates, if this trend continues.

    I saw a guy on a talk show commenting about having lost in the Supreme Court in a fight over this. Public Domain is taking a shot in the shorts!!!


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    Every copyright holder has the fundamental right to exert those rights. Period.

    AS for the statement that says that "the WTLibrary is a tool for JWs" and those persons that say this is contradictory to JWs acknowledge purpose of spreading the Good News, you must remember that there is much material on the CD-ROM such as Yearbooks and more specifically the Our Kingdom Ministry (which hardcopies are specifically reserved for JWs in good standing only) and not just materials that are generally available to the public. Thus this is not a contradictory position or statement.

    NOtice too that the restrictions reference "large" portions of the data. Under the Doctrine of Fair Use, courts typically permit some usage of copyrighted materials for commentary, scientific, artistic and other legitimate purposes.

    The only concern I would have is the statement that the data on the CD is not to be used in the "preparation" of a book. I think that may be too vague and overlybroad. It might mean that one shouldn't make a booklet or book by straight copying the material in a copy and paste way which is obviously wrong to do, but it might also mean that one can't in theory even use the information as source notes or quote even in minor portions the material in the preparation or completion of text for a book. I don't think this latter interpretation would hold up.

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

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    WT 2003 CDROM -- I could use a copy. Is anyone in a position to mail me a copy? Send a personal message or email, and I will give you my USPS address.

    [email protected]


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    Just happened to see this thread, I know a certain 'someone' ( you reading this Bethel? ) who ordered over 50 of these and sold them on ebay for an average of 20-30 a peice just to stick it to Brooklyn.

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