My child's abuser tickles and plays with children after meetings.

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I agree with LL and most especially with Scully's analysis. Shout it from the rooftops about this creep. Newspapers, TV, radio are good avenues. Stay with the facts as that is what the media will be interested in. Lift up this rock and show the world all the creepy crawlies underneath. The Witnesses care more about image than anything except money. Hit them there and they will not protect this guy.

    If this starts to get too big for you emotionally then step back. Be aware that this will trigger intense anger (you may find yourself yelling at the driver ahead of you, or other little things), you may also find your tension level go up.

    The best way to combat these negative emotions is to talk about them. As they come up, post about it here, tell friends, neighbors anyone you feel safe with. This is what happened, this is how I feel about it. In that way the poison will not be inside you, but you will release it.

  • undercover

    I don't have any experience in these type things, but I feel anger and frustration just reading about what is happening here.

    I'm not sure if this guy was convicted by the courts or not and I don't know the laws in Australia, but most areas in the States have some kind of register of comvicted molesters. It is available to anyone to view. If there is anything like that in Australia, I would get a copy of that list showing his name and address and even if I had to mail it anonymously I would get it to that family. Even newspaper articles or court documents that are available publicly. Somehow this family needs to be warned. It's obvious that the congregation elders aren't going to. Even without documented proof, an anonymous letter telling that family about what this person did to your family would at least give them reason to at least keep an eye on this guy. Maybe little things that they missed or ignored will then be warning signs to them.

  • Scully

    Speaking of the elders having their head up their arse....

    With regard to the JW who molested me, he had been DFd and reinstated twice before he crossed the line with me. He was DFd a third time and reinstated again, for molesting another of his daughters. He attended the Book Study in OUR HOME, which is where he molested me.

    So much for Repentance?. If he had truly been repentant, he would not have reoffended. EVER.

    I just love what the site has to say about their position on molesters: no person who has found to have molested children is ever allowed a position of responsibility in the congregation. Say what???!!! Being called a Brother? or a Sister? IS a position of responsibility!!!! When you are recognized as Brother? or Sister? So-and-So, you are supposed to be representing Jehovah as one of His Witnesses, and behaving in a manner that is expected of one of Jehovah's Witnesses!!! How can that NOT be a "responsibility"??

    As far as what your friend said about if he gets caught again, it might be his undoing... I would ask her: "Would you, as a parent, want to look your child in the eyes and say 'I'm so sorry, we thought he was repentant' ? Is that excuse good enough for your children? Why should it be good enough for someone else's child?"

    Love, Scully

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    But Scully, if you listen to a JW apologist, what you're talking about just doesn't happen so it must be all lies. Or if it did, well that's too bad and we're all imperfect.

  • Jim_TX


    This is indeed a terrible thing that is happening.

    I think that going to the authorities is the best way to handle this chap. Even if you need to jump through a few hoops to do it.

    Actually... forget that. Go to the media. Make THEM aware. THAT will get the police departments' attention quicker than repeated phone calls.

    The media usually likes a good story to air on the evening news. Try to get printouts of facts about him prior to approaching the media. His criminal record, or conviction report... something that links him with molestation of children - in print, and official.

    I would also anonymously let the parents know - if they know the info is coming from a 'disfellowshipped' individual (regardless of the reason for your DFing), they will toss it as rubbish, and not really pay attention to the message.

    Try not to 'tip off' the molester to what is going on - just in case he decides to disappear into the woodwork like the cockroach that he is.


    Jim TX

  • cruzanheart

    I kind of like the flyer on the windshields idea. If you can get a photo of him on a sex offender database, all the better. That's a powerful image.


  • ColdRedRain

    BigTex and Bliss, I'd like to PM you sometime.

  • SheilaM

    That makes me feel<-------------------------- I actually have chills and am thinking about hunting the bast*** down myself......Please do what you can to protect those babies

  • cyber-sista

    Don't be surprised if this triggers a load of anger in you. Heck I'm angry and it is half the world away.


    Bliss, I am crying over this...I swear to God these people are insane. How far will these people go for with this insanity? This is what bothers me the most. I am sorry for your pain, but grateful that you are human and having normal reactions to this insanity . A JW in denial is a very sick individual. I know because I was one of them, but I had my limits and this issue is one of them.

  • shamus

    If you were in my community, I would take a picture of the man and put up the flyers myself. I don't expect you to do the same, Bliss... it's just too much to handle.

    Pedophile Paradise. Hide the truth. Jehovah wants you to do that!

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