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  • Eyebrow2

    Friends don't let friends use AOL Hahah..too funny! I know what you mean...what is evil about AOL is how hard it was to finally get rid of it! I don't know if people still have this problem, but back in 1999 when my mother tried dumping it, they took money out of her checking account for six months after she canceled the service. I have known of other people that had that problem too. They were a necessary evil for us for a few years...and I would have never met the hubby if it weren't for AOL...how scary is that? Yeru, welcome to the world of cable modem connection...when it works it is awesome.

  • TallTexan

    Yeah, it's amazing how the newer versions of AOL REALLY screw up your PC. I don't know what the deal is, but everytime I've ever loaded AOL 7.0 or newer on my PC it's slowed it down a lot and it seems to lock up a lot more. I was one of the early members of AOL, back in the mid -90's when there was a 'per minute' charge. It was cool then, because there weren't nearly as many people online. Now it's just a waste of time. Cable and DSL RULE!!!

  • Ciara

    Devil 4 AOL is of the devil!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. It really is a b**ch to get off your system.

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