Comments You Will Not Hear at the 7-18-04 WT Study

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  • blondie


    One thing I'm noticing is that you are getting angrier and more irritated with the Watchtower, the more you do this.

    Diving into this crap every week can do it. I guess I can't believe I sat through this for so many years. My husband calls it being "bobblehead witnesses."

    This stuff is like candy-coated crap.


    Sting, Frodo's sword, $199.95. A beautiful piece of workmanship. Glows when Jehovah's Witnesses are near.

  • Pole

    This stuff is like candy-coated crap.

    I think it's been getting worse and worse. It seems to be reflecting the gradual cognitive impairment of the aging GB and the writing department (the assumption being that only annointed JWs can write doctrinal articles).

    It seems like they ran out of new topics some 15 years ago, and now the stuff they produce is getting increasingly embarassing. BTW, why don't you include the original Watchtower study questions that come with articles? They are really "interesting..." too. I guess you could answer most of them "correctly" without even reading the article. Anyway, thanks for providing spiritual food in proper time


  • blondie

    Welcome, Pole.

    Well, I used to have the questions when it was scanned. Since my arthritic fingers have to type this, the questions fall by the way side. We should be getting a scanner, now that my employment is more secure.

    Regurgitation is all the writing staff can do. Since they are not anointed, how can the holy spirit tell them anything new......hahaha

    Blondie (No HS is my fingertips)

  • Pole

    Regurgitation is all the writing staff can do.



  • Odrade

    Yuck is right

    I wondered if that wonderful example of a single mother raising her 5 kids didn't have her unbelieving husband in the house anymore because she treated him like a corpse until he fled the house.

    Just thinking of some of the dads on this list who aren't with their families anymore because of the "fine conduct" of their "faithful wives." (((dads)))


  • new light
    new light

    Well done, Blondie! This type of study article leaves the sincere Witness types with that pit in their stomach that they are not doing enough, that they need to pioneer to be a valuable person. Another Sunday morning harangue, candy-coated Watchtower style.

    I also noticed the way they don't always tell you the whole experience, like has been mentioned. Oh, wow, the young sister said her experience made her "want to pioneer". The other woman's 5 children were baptized. For all we know, the young sister never went on to pioneer because the older sister stumbled her. The 5 children may have been baptized 30 years ago and now 3 are apostate for all we know. Incomplete experiences and incomplete scriptural quotations raised some of the first red flags for me back when I was in.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Blondie.

  • Elsewhere

    I took the children to meetings and in the door-to-door ministry on a regular basis. The results of my efforts? All five children are baptized."

    Notice that they don't mention the end result? I'd be willing to bet good money that the majority of them are no longer active JWs... either DFed, DAed or drifted away.

    I think the writer of that needs to review the May 1st 2002 WT:

    10. Are we personally alert, so that no unrighteousness is found on our lips? For example, can our family members really trust what we say? Can our spiritual brothers and sisters in the congregation do the same? It would be easy to develop the habit of couching one?s words in terms that are technically accurate but misleading.
  • BluesBrother
    {Par 21.) " Consider Ethel an elderley sister in a nursing home she witnesses regularly to fellow residents in her home and engages in telephone witnessing, despite her limitations she is wholesouled in service.

    Poor Ethel, I wonder if she once believed that WW2 was going to lead to Armageddon, or that the nuclear arms race of the 1950's would certainly bring the end "Any time now", or that the free loving 60's were a certainty that "It can't go on much longer. Perhaps she was so excited to read about 1975, and secretly pinned her hope on that date, then settled down to prove that she was not a short term date watcher by working hard through the eighties. She knew that the generation of 1914 had to be there at the end, because the Watchtower told her that the Bible said so.She bravely swallowed her disappointment at the 1993 Wt that changed it all.

    Now she is old and frail and still has not seen the fulfillment of the promise . She never thought she would grow old, but she has, and has to cope with the aches and pains.. She must cling on to her faith because it is all that she has, so she thinks . She may not be able to cope with the realisation that it is all just a fantasy...................

  • willyloman

    My wife's experience, as was told from the platform a few years ago:

    "...raised four children, all of whom were baptized. Three of them pioneered with me right out of high school and the fourth has plans to do so."

    The reality today: all four are "out" of "the truth," having learned the real truth. The three who pioneered absolutely loathed the experience, as did my wife. They found it demeaning, surreal, and totally irrelevant to their lives, and ended up "engineering" field service time to make their goals because of a lack of support from the congo publishers (who all wanted to get back to the car, back to the hall, and back to the house as quickly as possible). The fourth one never bothered to pioneer, having seen how empty a process it was for her siblings.

    But, hey, the "experience" was factual at the time.

  • cyber-sista

    Willy, these are truly the comments (experiences) you will not hear at the 7-18-04 WT Study. In all my years as a witness I never did know these perfectly one sided WT peoples I read about in the WT. Congrats on your getting your family out!

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