If You Could've Remained A JW & Not Be Shunned In Any Way, Would You?

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  • minimus

    If the Society decided to not shun persons who were weak, who disagreed or who simply didn't go to meetings and field service, would you still be a JW? The Catholics have all sorts of rules and regulations that should be obeyed yet if one doesn't abide by the law, they are generally never excommunicated. If the Witnesses decided to "just be there" for the "brotherhood", I'll bet that many would not be on this site. Of course, believing that Witnesses could ever become "liberal" might be a little far-fetched.

  • gumby

    Mornin Minimus.....ya sicko bastard!

    As you know......this question can only be answerd 'with a yes', by those....eh......"still in".

    If a person has learned the true backround of this organisation and isn't an emotional screwball..........their IS no going back. This Organisation is "factually wrong".... and it cannot be denied with any measure of fairness.

    By some of the comments I've heard on this board, it appears there are some who WOULD go back were it not for harsh policies. These ones are still in.They'll be out in time


  • Country_Woman

    I should be in the seame surcumstances as I am now: i am not DF-d or DA-d

    I faded and cos I love my re won free time I will stay that way.

    I never take the risk to loose "my time" again. shunning or no shunning.

  • freedom96

    There is nothing that the WTS has to offer that I want. I don't believe what they teach and practice. I do wish, that I would be able to associate with my friends that are still in, with no problems of whether I am a witness or not.

  • Robdar

    Having never been df'd or da'd, I guess I am still an inactive witness. I am not shunned. My old cong members are always polite when we run into each other. Even though not shunned, I would not remain a JW. Eventually, I will d/a myself. Right now, I don't want to make trouble for my family.

  • ezekiel3
    As you know......this question can only be answerd 'with a yes', by those....eh......"still in".

    All right Gumby, maybe I'm a gumby too...

    But the answer is NO! I would not be a JW if there no shunning for disagreement. But I choose to continue to be one because I will not break my family and friendships. I cannot change the minds of those I love without losing them.

    So, since discovering that I was a wolf, I routinely wear my sheep suit: "My what interesting comments you have!" "The better to corrupt you, my dear."

    Ever thought about the distraught JW parent who has one child who is baptised and one who isn't? Both leave the truth, the baptized kid gets DFed, the unbaptized kid gets "encouraged" with no limits on association with the family!

    JW kids: DON'T GET BAPTIZED and you won't have to answer the question of this thread!

  • gumby
    I choose to continue to be one because I will not break my family and friendships.

    Bro......I also understand this is a reason some remain "in"...... in a pseudo manner. To lose a loved one due to a DFing....is more than some want/can handle.

    In actuality however....you are out.....unless you are sharing in spreading their false claims........that would be stooping a bit low which I'm sure your not doing.


  • wednesday

    I am not df or da, and people will generally speak to me if i run into them(not all, but a lot). that does not mean they are my friends, friends would come and see u and call. they are just being polite. so really i am being shunned, for the most part. I could not go back anymore, even ifthey begged me to. I just know too much.

  • Maverick

    NO! Mav....Too much self-repect.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    If I was as naive about the org as I was when I left I would have opted to stay. But that was 20 years ago. I've learned way too much so in a way the shunning was a blessing.

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