Do you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God?

by desib77 63 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • onacruse

    Gumster, next time I'll try to speak in deeper tones, with greater gravity and sufficiently impressive day, you will know that I am Almighty God...

    assuming, of course, that the California air you breathe hasn't totally rotted your brain.

  • gumby

    Shotgun, you biblical illiterate poor sick bastard dare to blasphame the true I AM?

    Popeye was just a little weenie bastard without his Spinach and an occational sleepover with olive oyl who had absolutely no fat on her ass and actually kinda turns me on a bit too! I was sayin, Jehover is like popeye is when he's high on spinach ALL THE TIME.....not just sometimes because of some drug or food you idiot!

    Brutus can nearly kick Popeyes ass even after the little sailor bastard downs a whole damn can of del monte 16 ouncer whole leaf spinach.....I've seen the cartoons and can prove it if you want me to

    (jesus....I've lost my mind)


    ...d 3

  • gumby
    one day, you will know that I am Almighty God...

    I'm already spectin you are.............and.........I think you killed Dave our buddy SevenOfNineor whatever the hell his name was. Either that......or you got him locked up somewhere with the bastard! Untill I see your hands and your feet and the hole in wait, thats Jesus. Untill you make me retired, and wealthy, surrounded by naked women and remove the meaning of sin, and..........ah nevermind! If you was woulda done all that when I asked ya years ago.........ya "loser"


  • onacruse

    LOL...Gumballs, you're such a hoser! LOL

    SevenofNine is a really fine lady, who, if I (as Almighty God) blesses her, will never have to meet the likes of you!

    otoh, Seven006/aka Dave (yeah, that's his handle, you pathetic moron) is doin' just fine.

    So just crawl back into that cockroach-infested bed and leave us normal persons (me-myself God Almighty included) to live in peace, eh?

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