Do you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God?

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  • maxwell

    No. In addition to all the points already mentioned, there is the inconsistency and the vagueness. Surely, an almighty God could write prophecy better that is supposedly written in the bible that is less open to so many interpretations. Books like Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelation are written in such a way that anyone could take these writings and make them fit whatever world view they choose. Why such vagueness and supposedly symbolism? If an Almighty God meant to say that certain secular and government organizations would do this or that, I think he could have just stated that instead of, as the JW claim, inspiring some guy to write stories about beasts, statues and images. Surely, he would have written it so that all humans could understand it and not just a select few, for example, some guys who call themselves a governing body.

  • DaCheech

    I do not believe it is!

    I see too many contradictions.

    The latest one I found was in Exodus ch 14.: After the plagues on Egypt, and the firstborn dying Pharoah called Moses & Aaron & told them to leave, serve Jehovah, & bless them. Well the israelites asked for gold & silver on top. But on Ch 14 after leaving being close to crossing the sea, Jehovah told Moses to go back to some "xyxyxy" city and do this for one purpose ony. what purpose? Just to Jehovah could make Pharoah heart burn & pharoah would then come to annialate the Isrealites & then Jehovah would glorify himself by killing the Egyptians.

    First, why would a just God destroy pharoah by purposely doing it? (like instigating it?) This contradict the Bible that says the God is just, loving, blah blah blah

    God would be wicked to change the heart of someone just to glorify himself!

  • Jim_TX

    Good points DaCheech,

    The one that gets me is the story of Job.

    Both God and Satan get into a pissing match about who will win - and use Job as the 'bait'.

    Of course Job loses all his wealth, his children, and almost dies.

    So - the 'bet' is finally over, and God sez, "See! I win!" then he 'blesses' Job with more wealth, restores his health, and gives him more children to 'replace' the ones he lost.

    Excuse me... what loving parent here would be okay with 'replacement' children? Hmmm???

    Yeah. A 'loving' god. NOT!


    Jim TX

  • DaCheech

    Yeah, great point. I have two children and anytime they get sick I try everything to fix them

    If someone would promise 4 more if I neglect these two. I would send them to hell!

    Job is a perfect point. Moses vs egyptians. Also the slaughterfest of Shickem by the hands of the forefathers of the

    tribes of Isreal AKA Jacob & his sons.

  • DaCheech

    Also on the point of children, the Bible says to stone to death disobedient children, who

    (including JW's) would do that today?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Ahhhhh... but there is a conundrum.

    You have to believe in Christ to believe in the bible... but you have to believe in the bible to believe that there was a Christ. Unless you're Jewish.

    Reread what I originally posted. You missed my point. The bible is a collection of writings over several hundred years. Some of the writings are suspect because of their unreasonable content. Yet some of the content is very positive, inspiring, uplifting and has great value to the human spirit. The challenge then is to determine which scriptures are "treasure", and which are not. I gave my method of evaluation above.

    I know people who don't belive that Jesus was the Messiah, but they believe that the Bible is more or less a "good book", full of inspiration.

  • bebu

    A loaded question. What do you mean by "inspired"? Thinking of it as "breathed" by God, blessed and directed (not written) by Him, and the essence of Him revealed in writings, yes, I do.

    I have discovered that the "anomalies" are usually clues or steps to amazing insights and new dimensions. Pardoxes in the Bible are not surprising to me, because life is full of paradoxes as it is...

    I am the same person since I was conceived. I have matured, though, so I am incredibly different, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Also, since all my molecules have been replaced, so physcially, I am truly totally different. (Reminds me of the Steven Wright comment, "I awoke this morning and discovered that during the night someone had stolen all my stuff and replaced it with exact replicas.")

    The essence of me is here still. It is a paradox how I can be on some levels the same, and others, absolutely different. Yet some people might argue that it is ESSENTIAL in order for anyone to continue to be THE SAME PERSON, that no changes in maturity, hairstyle, height, weight, or even molecules could ever be allowed. (That smells like a WT-style argument to me.)

    The essence of God's revelations to us are in the Bible, I think. And they endure thru time, place, and translation, IMO.


  • Pole


    since all my molecules have been replaced, so physcially, I am truly totally different. (

    Are you sure your nervous system gets replaced over time too? As far as I know most brain cells are different in this respect. And, as you know the essence of your identity resides in your brain. So your argument is purely metaphysical. Nonetheless moving :)



  • Flash


    I think we have to define 'inspired.' Inspired in what way? Inspired meaning that every word in the Bible IS the "word of God?" I don't accept that. I believe the writers were inspired by degrees, in that, God's or His Son's views were woven into the writings of the person used to pen the text. I believe the Bible contains the words of God, His Son and the opinions of men and women ie: Moses, Paul and King Lemuel's mother (Prov. 31:1-7). It also is a History Book, IMO.

    Matthew 24:15 Says ("let the reader use discernment."), I believe this is rule # 1 in reading the Bible. We should 'make sure of all things' and 'hold fast' ONLY to what is 'fine.'

  • PointBlank

    I believe that those that wrote the words of the Bible were inspired to do so. I also believe that one has to be 'inspired' to understand and accept it. Only the Holy Spirit can bring it alive. Otherwise it's just a book like any other book.

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